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It was my first day in Web and Print Production (WPP). Actually, it was my first day at the University of Sydney too. And I had no idea what to expect. I was the new person in town, come to answer the call for a web content editor. I was ready for anything. Except …

The Mac. As a longtime PC user, I just looked at it, aghast.

“You will learn to love this Mac”, said my manager, Nick. As the New Girl, I nodded politely, but inside I thought, “What have I got myself into? Is it too late to run away and drown myself in comfort chocolate and crispy bacon?” The next day, as I tried to find the ‘on’ button (it’s at the back) I felt sure I could never love this thing.

Finding the ‘on’ button went on my list of ‘things that are useful to know’. Here are a few other things I’ve learned in my first six weeks that you might find useful too:

  • Sort out all your forms before heading over to HR. Their office is a brisk 20-minute jog/fast-walk across the campus, and trying to get there on a cold and rainy morning during a day of student voting is fraught with tension. Believe me, you don’t want to do it twice.
  • If you log out from your predecessor’s profile on your work phone and then find your own login doesn’t work, you won’t be able to make or receive any calls until ICT has come to the rescue. So think carefully …
  • The Marketing and Communications website has a ton of useful resources that I click on just about every day. Setting this website up was one of my first projects and proved really handy for helping me to learn more about my department and what my colleagues do.
  • When it comes to online images, there are guidelines for width that stop you putting random-sized images all over your website, and saves you lots of time pondering the right width.
  • The three web developers in WPP (David, Alex and Greg) cannot be fazed, no matter how many menus you break or questions you ask. And I have broken a lot of menus.

Even more importantly …

  • There is an amazing café called ‘Taste’ in the New Law Building Annex and their crispy pork belly in a fresh baguette is well worth the future heart attack it will cause.
  • The hot chocolates at Mint are delicious (near the Co-op bookshop), even with soy milk.
  • Fisher Library has a fantastic young adult and children’s book section in the Curriculum collection (Floor 1 of the North Wing). Fisher Library is also the place to go for your staff ID card (which doubles as your library card) – and you can smile in your photo.
  • The Royal, the pub on Abercrombie St right near the Services building, has $9 steaks and some fab old pictures of Redfern and Central on the wall, not to mention a vibrating floor.

And …

Nick was right. There’s something about a gigantic shiny screen that lures you in … after a few of weeks here my Mac and I are definitely falling for each other.