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In my role as Production Coordinator at WPP (Web and Print Production), I often get asked about the various paper folds - what they're called, and what they're usually used for. There are several different types of paper fold, so it can be quite confusing for a client to know which one is most suited to their publication.

Here are the main folds we use - for pamphlets, flyers, brochures, letters, event programs, and so on.

Roll fold (also called C-fold or DL Brochure)

roll fold.gif

A roll fold has two or more parallel folds that fold in on each other. It may fold in from the left or right. Seen from above, the folds roll inward. The roll fold layout has six panels when folded (counting both sides of the paper).

This common fold, used for mailings and brochures, is much like a DL brochure. DL is the same width as A4, but only one-third the height. DL was originally known was 'DIN Lang' but is now more commonly expanded to 'dimension length-wise'.

Accordian fold


Accordian folds are zig-zag folds in which a sheet of paper has two or more parallel folds (about the same size) that open in the manner of an accordion. It’s also quite common to find 8-page and 10-page accordian folds.

Double parallel fold

double parallel.gif

A double parallel brochure is made by folding a page in half and then folding each folded page in half again in the same direction. After folding it consists of eight panels, four on the front and four on the back.



A gatefold is a pamphlet that opens outwards like a gate. The left and right edges fold inward with parallel folds and meet in the middle of the page without overlapping.

Double gatefold

double gatefold.gif

A double gatefold is when the paper is folded again down the middle so that the folded edges meet and a fold is created in center panel of the paper. Three are three parallel folds in a double gatefold. The left and right folds meet in the middle (not overlapping), and the centre point folds inward when the pamphlet is closed.



Paper with crossfolds is normally folded once vertically and once horizontally to make a four page item.

Hope this information helps, if you have any questions or interested to know more, email me.