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I often get asked “How long will it take you to produce a brochure?”
I often want to answer “It depends on how much time you have put into planning it”

We all agree that planning is the most important part of the print production process and yet we all spend the least amount of time on it. Yes you’re right it has been said before however please read on…

Before a web or print production job comes to the Web and Print Production team you should know –

- why you are producing this brochure
- what is it’s goal
- what is your key message
- what is the value proposition
- who is the target market
- how does it fit with other publications you produce
- who is going to supply the text
- is the text consistent with what is on your website, or
- how is this detail going to be represented on your website and who will keep it updated
- who is going to supply the photos
- what order the text should appear in
- who is going to collate the text and photographs
- who is going to approve it throughout the production process
- how many you need printed
- who is going to manage this job and brief the job
- how is it going to be distributed

Once the above is determined and the briefing document completed we can advise you –

- what format/size is best
- what paper stock is best
- who is going to lay it out
- who is going to edit it
- who is going to print it
- how it will be printed
- of a production schedule and when it will be delivered
- how much it will cost to print
- how much it will cost to distribute

Web and Print Production are pleased to provide a complete production service in both print and web, we have expertise in editing, web development, graphic design and printing.