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We think the new Campus maps are a huge improvement on our old maps and the feedback we've received suggests you agree. One of the really cool features of the new Campus maps is not what you see but the technology that drives it in the backend. This technology allows us to use campus data in new and wonderful ways, like to power the maps in the Sydney Uni app.

Anyway, one of the little bugbears for University webmasters was the lack of an easy way to integrate campus maps into their websites. Well we have good news. We've made Mini maps! Mini maps are a simple way of highlighting the location of a building on campus via a small map that can be included on a CMS-powered page. What is even better is that Mini maps integrate with the new Campus maps, allowing you to view the building on a larger map by clicking the "view in larger map" link.

If you want to include a mini map on your site check out our Mini map guide. If you have any feedback for how we can improve Mini maps then drop us a line at marketing.wpp@sydney.edu.au