Get a blog!

Do you need a blog for a Sydney Uni project? You're in the right place.

But before we get going, have a run through this quick check-list.

  • Should you be blogging here? Blogs dot Usyd is intended for blogs that support University staff research & other projects. If you're a student, or looking for a personal blogging space, you should look for other blog providers like
  • Blogs for use in teaching: This service is for public blogging about your academic work, research and for collaboration. It is not intended as a service for direct use in teaching, and while anyone can comment, students cannot access the blogs to create a post. Teaching staff should refer to the University eLearning system for blog functions they can use in classes.
  • Terms and conditions. Are you aware of and understand the policies which apply to the use of blogs?
  • Do you know what your blog will be about? The most successful blogs are those which consistently address a well-defined topic. A good blog will reflect that topic in its title, descriptions and (obviously) the content of its posts.
  • Who will be blogging? A blog needs bloggers to post to it (there can be more than one). At least one blogger should be nominated as a 'Blogmaster' - who is responsible for general housekeeping and maintenance of the blog. More about blogger's roles...

If you feel like you've covered all of the above, all you need to do is complete the online application form.