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It’s raining, it’s pouring, your essays due this morning…. Well, at least with these little tips then at least you will have an ace up your sleeve for those wet, cold days at Uni!

I really liked doing point form earlier, so here we go again (hooray):

1. Go To Class: If you’re in class, then you won’t get wet! Your meant to be in class any who, so why not stay in their and keep dry!
2. Put your library books in plastic bags: They’re really expensive and annoying to replaces, so make sure you keep them dry. I also try and keep my text and exercise books nice and dry, I cant stand the rain through my notebook
3. Use the Graffiti Tunnel: If its wet I always jump off the bus at the Footbridge then go down the Tunnel as lots of buildings run off it. You can go exploring and find new and exciting passages to class, and even find buildings that you never knew existed.
4. Bring a Golf Umbrella: Great and easy way to make friends!! Plus they’re so big they keep you dry pretty well. I like to use mine as a cane when it stops raining (One time I got stuck walking through an archway in the quad, was really very funny, lucky only 50 people saw me, could have been embarrassing!!)
5. Wear Leather Shoes: There is nothing worse then having wet feet all day. I wear my good ol’ RM Williams boots and look the part on wet days!
6. Do Some Study at Manning: Why not sit down stairs in the coffee lounge and catch up on some study. Nice cup of tea, reading some interesting notes, looking round the room to see who you know… Hours of fun!
7. Sing. I’ve been told that it’s a wonderful feeling, and that you can be happy again, so why not sing in the rain?
8. Play football: I don’t know about you, but when it gets really wet I just love to go and play footy, you can dive and slide along the ground for miles! Its lots of fun, why not do that after class. Bring a towel though, you will need to dry off
9. Read a play in Fisher: Why not sit back, pick up something that looks interesting and sit down and have a read. It will freshen up your mind, and it will keep you dry!
10. Get a lift home: Find someone to drop you home, it always makes your day if you don’t have to make the trek all the way back home in the rain, so get one of your friends to drive you home!!

Well there we go. If you have any things that you like to do on wet days, pop them down below!!! Go on, do it!

Hope all is hunky dory!


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