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Ever wondered what it's like to go to Sydney Uni, or any uni, for that matter? Here is my unofficial, unsubstantiated guide to getting ready for uni vicariously.

1. Read Clive James's Unreliable Memoirs. Yep, this very funny man is also Sydney Uni alumni. And his autobiography features some great stuff on life as a student at Sydney (albeit during the 1960's.) James's other books generally feature some reference to the Uni, too - I just finished The Remake, which is about an Australian who used to live in Glebe while studying at...Sydney Uni! But for the real deal, check out James's autobiography.

2. Watch Looking for Alibrandi. For those of you who didn't come to Info Day or Sydney Uni Live! (naughty things) you can still see our magnificent Quad through the eyes of Josephine Alibrandi. It's a bit of a 'blink-and-you'll-miss-it" scene, but it's worth it to see the sight of many a teenage girl's daydreams (or maybe it was just me...)

3. Read The Twins At St.Clare's, by Enid Blyton. Yep, those naughty twins Pat and Isabel have been shipped off to St.Clare's Boarding School, to deal with Mam'zelle and a host of other zany characters. A must for anyone planning to live at college: their nights sneaking out to have Midnight Feasts will inspire and delight you. Keep in mind that this book will be the absolute antithesis of your experiences at college (hopefully.)

4. Read a copy of Honi Soit, our student newspaper. You can read them online at http://www.src.usyd.edu.au/HTML2/pubs_content.htm My favourite issue was the very last one from last year - an hilarious spoof on Government advertising. Read it for a few laughs, and a bit of an insight into student politics.

5. Read The Justice Game, by Geoffrey Robertson. Why? Just like our mate Clive, old Geoff is also an ex-student. So for those of you studying Law this year, this is the perfect inspiration. It's a great book in its own right, but if you read it with the thought that someone who likely studied in the very lecture theatre you did wrote it, it adds a whole new layer of meaning.

6. Watch Old School. Again, for those of you living at college this year, this is a must. You might laugh now, but during the first week of semester, as you're carrying around your bricks, dressed in academic gowns, you'll know what I'm talking about. This will give you a much-needed heads-up on the hazing experience.

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