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Enrolment, Enrolment, Enrolment, Enrolment, It's coming!!!

In truth, the enrolment process can be a hard slog. Here are my tips for getting it done minus the angst.

Now, Brendon has already done a marvellous job of explaining the enrolment process. I thought I’d cast my mind back a couple of years and give you guys a few ideas for getting through this potentially stressful time with a minimum of worry.

* Expect big, big queues. The way you accept your offer at Sydney Uni is to actually come in and stand in a line for hours, then deal briefly with a harried and often exhausted enrolment officer, then stand in a line again for an indeterminate period. It’s like a test of willpower I guess - obviously the uni doesn’t want just anybody studying with them. You gotta show some ticker.

* Bring a friend. Sometimes you can split up and stand in a queue each! You’ll get through enrolment quicker, thanks to a little phenomenon called “economies of scale”, or “synergy”. Actually I made that up. See, simply by virtue of studying in the Arts faculty, I can easily attract the label of “Arts Wanker”. The secret is making simple things sound more complex and jargoninated, even though you’re full of crap. So, my friends, go get yourselves some economies of scale!

* Next, blank cheques. At enrolment you’re going to have to pay your compulsory fees, which will be $604 if you are a fulltime student. Don’t bring cash, you’ll probably make the enrolment peoples’ heads explode en masse. Cheques, credit and EFTPOS are better options. And I know it sounds obvious, but every year we find a few blank cheques floating around, because people somehow can’t keep a hold of them. I’ll never understand why cheques are easier to lose than $100 bills, because I sure as hell have never found one of those. I don't know, pin it to your shirt like a primary school kid or something.

* Talk to the people around you in the queue. They will be enrolling in the same course as you, so get in early and make some acquaintances. Of course, you may be unlucky and be standing in a queue with a bunch of complete idiot wankers, in which case you’ll get a realistic idea of the sort of people who are doing your degree (“ahh... I don’t think I wanna do law anymore, mum....”)

* Take snacks. Stay hydrated :) Keeping those blood sugar levels up is important. Makes for less cranky people and better vibes all round.

So go forth, in the week of January 23-27, and enrol! And yay, then you’ll be able to get cheap bus rides like the rest of us student bludgers.


Hey Cath - Thanks for the info. I've been accepted to start my Masters Degree starting the 24 July however I'm in Hawaii until the 23rd July. The Arts office told me to just enrol on the 24th which is the first day of classes. Can you seriously not enrol online - you have to be physically on campus? And what if I enrol at 10am that day for a class that is supposed to be taking class that moment, don't teachers get annoyed? I feel like a freshman again :)

Yes, all the enrolments are in person rather than online. It always causes a few problems for a minority of students (for example, all those who finish high school and take off on a three-month trip through Asia), but there are always ways around it.

In your case I wouldn't be too worried about missing your first class. The lecturers and tutors are pretty understanding about uni administration and things like that. Best of luck in your course! :)

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