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No, I’m not referring to anything indecent involving a higher than PG rating, but rather the unnerving thought that I have to pack my bags tonight and head off to live on Campus in the Women’s College tomorrow morning for the next 5 years of my life…

Until less than 24hours ago, the prospect of me leaving home hadn’t yet sunk in. For most people, it’s a daunting thought, but for me… terrifying. It feels like the holiday break went way too quick.

It’s not meeting new people that concerns me, but simply the fact I move out of home tomorrow morning without ever having used a washing machine in my entire life. Yes, I know, laugh it up, but I know that the rest of you out there who are in the same boat (but won’t willingly admit it) are secretly relieved that they’re not the only ones. (If there is water and suds everywhere…it wasn’t me ok.) Thank goodness I don’t have to cook, then I really would be in trouble! Add on the confronting fact that I have to leave everyone behind, especially my horses! (No offence mum and dad).

Then there is the fact that St.Pauls College is right next door, quaintly referreed to as the brother college. We have to do most of our activities together and that’s great and everything (much to my boyfriends dismay) but I recently found out that during O-Week, our busy schedule involves quite a few late night outs, and then a shockingly early wake up call for breakfast at the St. Pauls College at 8am the next morning. Now, for most of the girls out there, you know what I’m talking about, for the guys, you’ll probably never understand females so I’ll just say this… late night outs with a bunch of girls and some wine can create horrific thoughts of what you’ll look like and feel like the next morning. We simply don't want to scare anyone away that early in the morning in the first week.

On the upside, “the pant wettingly brilliant prospect of O-Week” as Tim would say, is in sight. I can’t wait to see what’s out there and join some clubs and meet new people with the same interests. Also, I should make the point known that I just turned 18 (yay!) so will probably be a regular at the uni bar. Ha ha jokes, but it does mean I can go and check out what the city has on offer and all the nightclubs without being left behind. (Being 17 is soooo not cool when all your friends are already 18.) Most Importantly, I should buy a lottery ticket… you never know, it would certainly help with the costs of living at Uni.

I’ve been lucky that I’ve been to Sydney Uni quite a few times now, so I have a rough idea of where everything is. I stayed on-campus for a week whilst in Year 11 for the duration of Ag-Camp, and only recently completed the Chemistry Bridging course. I enjoyed it, and it gave me a taste of what I was in for in terms of lectures (the theatres are HUGE) and how tutorials are conducted.

Like Alex, and undoubtedly many others, I would not have a clue around the city, (although he has a legitimate excuse being from interstate). So to all those future newbies out there, don’t stress. You can hear about all my experiences and have a good laugh (guaranteed) and perhaps learn from my mistakes and make mental notes for the future for when you too will be facing this exciting and nerve-racking transition.

On that note, I’m off to go pack my bags…


hey there- so i know its a bit early to be getting the butterflies and all that but being the 1st of feb i just realised that there are only 26 more days til i start at women's! And im scared to death!! Any tips on what to def. bring, how to meet new people, what pauls is like and any other general info i might need? HELP!!!...(please ;) )

hi there usyd fresher!

You are clearly a brave young woman! I have one bit of advice, perhaps hours too late!

BRING CASH to O-week. You won't need much, but to avoid being completely beholden to the college culture, you'd do yourself a favour if you join just one or two clubs, so that your circle of friends extends beyond college.

EVERYBODY at usyd will want to be your friend, so just let it happen, and if something in the colleges bugs you, don't just sit on it, make a new, different friend so your perspective doesn't collapse.

Anyway, that's enough heartfelt advice from a stranger, but hey! see you at O-week. Keep up the blog, madly curious over here!

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