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After a few more days of college life under my belt i'm starting to get things sorted. My room is still absolutely trashed and my computer is dead but life is falling into place.

Like the majority of people new to university I was super excited and still scared at the same time, especially when people told me to be scared about college!! But the truth is almost all the people around you feel the same and everyone quickly becomes friends.

I got my timetable yesterday and have decided that possibly i'll change to arts so i don't have to start 4 out of 5 days at the bright AND EARLY hour of 8 am!!!
I'm still looking forward to starting study again as i feel over the past months an empitness.............misplaced. Not very alone but i'll be happy to get some structure back in my life.

Yet O-week so far has been AMAZING!!!!!! although mornings aren't always the best, running through the city with about 100 other people in drag and singing to random people makes up for that. So far the best thing is meeting new people and knowing that there's a high possibility that you'll be friends forever. Yet like most i'm currently running on pure adrenalin and trying my best to soak up plenty of atmosphere. I do believe that all college people will remember their o-week for a long time.

But now i must leave as sleep deprivation seems to be controlling my body right now.
Until next time........ take it easy

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