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In the beginning there was the Blog….

I must admit here in my first ever blog entry that I have, until now, been completely uninterested with the very notion of a ‘blog’. This goes beyond any reservations about the sheer unattractiveness of the word ‘blog’ (who came up with that anyway?) to the arrogance of assuming that if you write down some ponderings and post them in cyberspace, that someone will actually want to read them.

It is also tied to old fashioned tendencies – I may be 21 but am still able to lament the way things used to be “back in the day” when our parents walked five miles barefoot in the snow to get to school. Yet it seems I’m now being unwittingly lured into the 21st century, and the sheer ease and usefulness of a means to share and record my experiences.

It is these experiences that are about to get a whole lot more interesting, as I jet off on a round the world extravaganza, delighted to find the loophole in university life that allows me to combine itchy traveller’s feet with the completion of my degree. Not only do we lucky students get three months off for summer holidays, but we can also pick a country during semester on which to inflict our Australian wit and meat-pie eating customs!

I’m off to America, after sifting through a myriad of options.

Should you, dear reader, choose to humour me by reading my ramblings, perhaps even throwing in a comment or two, I shall in turn attempt to show you all that uni can be from across the world!

These are the aspects of your uni degree that aren’t in the course guide… things like where to find the best, biggest and cheapest breakfast to cure that raucous night on the town, or how to beat the bureaucracy and maintain a sense of humour!

So as I set off for a semester in Boston why don’t you come along for the ride?!

I promise I will endeavour to curb my overt tendencies towards brackets and exclamation marks in future blogs if you do…


Hey Davina,
I'm so excited to hear about your experiences!! I really want to go on exchange sometime and I'm looking forward to reading all about your trip. Have fun!

Hi Davina,
I'm really looking forward to reading your blog as well. I was also wondering if you know of a study exchange programs that are available to do in the summer holidays. Enjoy your trip and please keep us updatd.
Cheers, Michelle

Best of luck Davina!
I've got a friend going off to Boston for uni soon, so you're not alone! You'll be just in time to catch the beginnings of Autumn! They say Boston and Maine are hands down the most beautiful autumn destinations in the world, so you'll have to send us some pics! Have fun (and don't come back with the irritating half yank/half aussie accent!).

Hi Davina!

Your trip sounds amazing! I wish I had the opportunity to go to Boston University too. I envy people like you who make the most of every opportunity. Just whatever you do, don't join any sorority houses! I knew a guy who went on exchange and joined a frat, and he came back soo Americanised. What a loser!
Anyway, have fun!!

Hey guys thanks for all your comments! I don´t think there is any possibility of not having fun with all the good wishes I´ve been getting :)

Asako & anyone else thinking of going on exchange, make sure you plan ahead, you need a year to apply & the earlier in your degree you go the better as it starts getting complicated with credits of compulsory subjects.

Michelle - as far as I know there are no exchange options like this, as an exchange is a full semester of study and timing of the foreign unis can often be quite different to ours (I don´t start till Sept). There´s heaps of info on the exchange website though, so check it out:
www.usyd.edu.au/stuserv/international/index.shtml and then head along to one of their weekly sessions, it´ll give you a dream to plan!

As for the other comments, my biggest fear is coming back a fatty not the accent, but I will intend to keep up with the Aussie slang!

hey davina,

you sound like a really lovely person. can we be friends in the future? i sure hope you can remember my name, but at least here, unlike in first year, its written down. :)
peace out babe, nice blog. talk soon. x

Davina - We are now back from Australia and a box from your mum has arrived at the house. We are looking forward to meeting you. Best wishes, Charlie

Wow...what an amazing journey u have there,gal..
Keep up the good work!

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