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Sydney Uni LIVE! A fun filled day of frollicking amongst the sandstone. It's actually the only day of the year where I don't feel a twinge of guilt walking on the grass in the Main Quad. Then again, I am mildly obsessive compulsive.

After the rain clouds conveniently opened right on 9am, I had my doubts. Particularly about the University-supplied translucent, technicolour rain poncho I could have found myself wearing should the rain persist. Thankfully, the God of fashion, Guccius, heard my little ditty and made the rain come another day.

Last Saturday was a brilliant chance for all prospective Usyd-ites to come and try the University on for size. I know from experience and from talking to people on the day that it is the perfect opportunity to find out what courses you like the look of and, in some cases, speak to the academics who will be teaching them. The mini lectures and talks throughout the day also provided great information about individual faculties and subjects.

The grounds were buzzing with activity all day, with performances from Theatresports and SUDS and the inaugural all-stars debating challenge. This little peek at the other aspects of life at Sydney Uni just goes to show again that there is so much more to the Uni experience than books and lectures.

If for whatever reason you weren't there on Saturday (where were you?) don't forget that all your questions about courses and study can be answered by either searching the website or by contacting the specific faculty.

But enough about my day. If you were there on Saturday, write a comment to let us know about your Sydney Uni LIVE experience!


I had a great day! and I too was mighty glad we didnt have to use those uber trendy ponchos. I think next time we should bring a little kettle and put it in our stall to keep us supplied with hot drinks all day, cos it was mighty cold.
And a big hooray to whoever gave us all the fantails! (although it did make talking rather difficult)

Oh Tim, once again you've struck literary gold! Gold, my friend!

Sydney Uni Live! (free exclamation mark courtesy of one Gavin Brown) was super tops, yet again. I saw a lot of eager, happy faces - and that's saying a lot, as I was down near the Engineering folk*!

* who are, by the way, very lovely people.

My favourite part of the day was the free buses from Central station ... I rode them all day ...

But seriously, I went to an open day back in the day and I found it fun to see what the campus really looked like and just how big these lecture halls really are ...

Can I just say the university students who worked at Uni LIVE, were awesome times a thousand. They were so friendly and obviously enjoy being at Sydney University so much that I can't wait to go myself. Their enthusiasm was infectious.

Good day, great fun.
very informative.
thanks alot sydney uni!

Reminds me of my orientation at the university. Enjoy it while it lasts ;)

Hi everyone!
I didn't get to come to the open day on saturday cos my careers advisor only told us about it on monday. Is there another one i can go to?
Nikki xxx

Hey Nikki,
The next big open day of the sort is Info Day on the 3rd of January 2007 (right before the UAC applications are due!!!).
Hope to see you there.


I was a Fisher coffee girl for the day, and quite enjoyed not having to repeat the words "do you have an access card?" all day. Thanks to the info people for free minties!

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