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As of today, I've officially been a “resident” in Canada for 3 months. While it might not seem like that long, it’s been long enough for me to completely fall in love with the place. Vancouver is beautiful, Canadians are impossible not to get along with and despite what you may have heard to the contrary, Ice Hockey is definitely the best sport ever. In the midst of my love affair with my adopted home I have but one small grievance: Mother Nature is quite literally raining on my parade.

When I first arrived in Vancouver in late August one of the biggest surprises I got was just how amazing the weather was. Canada for me had always inspired images of snow, mountains, and ski resorts (also strapping young Mounties but that lacks relevance for the story). Anyway, it was a bit of a shock to find my first few weeks consisting of long hot sunny days in a city where everyone seemed to be on their way to the beach. It wasn’t long before I started to make friends with some of these strange sun bronzed local Canadians, and I couldn’t help but tell them how surprised I was with the weather. Alarmingly I got a pretty similar response from just about everyone: “enjoy it while it lasts, it’ll start raining soon”. Even the graffiti seemed as though it was trying to give me a message.


Well two and a half months and three broken umbrellas later I can now exclusively confirm that they were right. Not to whine or exaggerate, but I’m starting to wish I’d tried harder to fit those kangaroos in my suitcase because I’m probably going to need them when it comes time for me to gather two of every animal.

To be fair I should acknowledge that the rain does stop every once in a while. Unfortunately that’s usually only so the impenetrable blanket of fog has a chance to roll in. I’m no fool. I’ve read enough Sci-Fi to know that fog is a sign that somewhere, somehow, unspeakable evil is brewing. Just you wait, when the entire city of Vancouver is annihilated by hell spawn the world will be wishing it listened to my warnings. It’s only a matter of time before people start disappearing into the fog on their way home from class, never to be seen again.

IMG_1085.jpg My Residence at around midday.

If by some miracle you survive the impending flood and the evil killer fog, there’s now another problem to contend with. The torrential rains have cause mudslides that have contaminated the city’s drinking water and resulted in the widest water warning in Canadian History. So ironically, while walking 500 metres to class can be enough to leave me looking like I decided to go for a bit of a swim fully clothed, I can’t even brush my teeth in tap water without risking a nasty stomach bug.

I guess that ultimately it’s a testament to just how amazing Canada is that despite the weather and even the predictions of apocalypse (that may or may not be credible), when it comes time for me to leave the country the Mounties are still probably going to have to drag me to the airport kicking and screaming while I cling desperately to the nearest maple tree.


...today it was 38º

i wish it would rain!

So exactly how long has it been since you had a non-wet day?
meanwhile in Australia, our dam levels are below 40%, we are only allowed to water our garden on sundays and wednesdays and holding a hose is illegal.
mmmm....I miss rain.
I miss bananas.


It's a travesty that they get so much water here and at home they get so little. The temperature has been hovering around 5 degrees here lately and I'm starting to get used to it.

I'm afraid I'm going to burn alive when i get home.

I also have bananas by the bucket load. Whooh.

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