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You've made it. You've got your offer. You've enrolled. Now you're ready to start uni. There is a simple list of to do's to get ready for uni.

Oh, and by the way, welcome to the University of Sydney!

1. Come to O-Week: Unleash 2007.

The University comes alive at O-Week, with stalls featuring all the clubs and societies on offer, as well as entertainment, parties, food, performances and activities. Come and join the Sydney University Dramatic Society (SUDS) or any of the other 150 clubs. Sign up to the SRC. Get involved in sport. Get your Access Card. Come to the Manning Sleepover Pyjama Party or the Retro Pop Party. For a full program and how to get to O-Week, check out the official O-Week Unleash 2007 website.

2. Get your timetable.

Classes start from Monday 5 March. Get your timetable online from February 28 via MyUni.

3. Find out where to go.

Campus maps are available online for all the campus buildings. Check out where your classes are here.

4. What to bring with you.

For lectures, bring a pen and a book to take notes. For tutorials/classes, bring your lecture notes, course/text readings, a pen and a book to take notes.

For a low expense day, bring lunch with you and have a picnic on the beautiful lawns. Otherwise, food is available at various Union locations at Manning House, Holme Building and Wentworth Building. Don't forget your Access Card for a 15% discount!

5. Getting your text books and course readings.

In your first class you will be given a course outline for that subject. The course outlines tells you everything you need to prepare and read for each class, as well as assignment guidelines for that subject. The course outline also gives you a list of recommended and compulsory readings and text books for that subject.

To purchase text books, you can go to:
- SRC Second-Hand Bookshop - Level 3, Wentworth Building. You can now even order books online on the SRC bookshop website.
- The Co-Op Bookshop - Sports and Aquatic Centre Building. Make sure you become a member of the Co-Op to get discount for all book purchases.

Text books can be expensive, so make sure you only buy the ones you really need. If there is a book you will only need for one or two chapters, you can find it in the library to read. All course texts are available in the library too.

To purchase course readers, you need to go to the Copy Centre in the Aquatic and Sports Centre Building. To avoid the hour-long queues in first week, make sure you log on to MyUni and buy them online. You can then pick them up the next day from the signficantly shorter line!

6. What to wear.

This is a relaxed, casual heaven. Forget your Versace glasses and Prada handbag, and don a pair of comfy jeans, a tshirt and some cushy shoes. For a true studenty look, don't brush your hair in the morning.

7. Work out how to get here.

Don't drive. Catch public transport, walk or ride a bike. Parking on-campus is expensive and difficult to find off-campus. For a trip planner that will give you the best transport options, check out the Transport Infoline website.

Also, if you're coming to uni several days a week, consider some faresaver ticket options, such as weeklies, periodicals, travel ten passes and zone passes. These can significantly cut the cost of transport for you. Call the Transport Infoline for more information: 131500.

See you 'round campus! *Winks*


ghassan this is fantastic.. truly all you need to know. and the hair thing.. well i definitely adhered to that from day 1. :)

Hey Ghassan! Lol I see you've posted this for last year's freshmen, but I am like brand new to uni syd and found it extreeemely useful. Its a nice little checklist. Thanks a bunch!

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