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Okay, bad title. And okay, it’s not from a song.

But I just saw the O-week timetable and I am SOOOO pumped.

Here are my personal picks:

Laughs on the Grass and Manning sleepover - Stand up comedy, Zoolander, then a sleepover in Manning? I’m there!

24 hour scavenger hunt - This is the closest I’m going to get to my favourite reality show, The Amazing Race! I’m so excited!

The End of the World Retro Pop Party - I’m not too sure what I’m going to come as, since it says “dress for the apocalypse”, but Sydney Uni parties are always raging and I have quite a few to catch up on since I wasn’t 18 at my first O-Week!

Getting my ACCESS card The Access card is your ticket to discounts and tonnes of great deals at uni: you get 15% off catering outlets and most other shops on campus; as well as cheaper entry into parties and events on campus. I think most people’s cards will pay for themselves just from discounts on coffee…! The Access card is $99 and can be purchased at the Access tents during O-Week, or at the Access office in Manning. And bonus, if you buy your Access card during O-Week you get free tickets to Beachball, Sydney Uni’s famous beginning-of-first-semester party.

Clubs and Societies! Over 200 clubs and societies are inviting you to join during O-Week, when over 200 white tents pop up and sprawl out over the front lawns. With so many clubs and societies, you’re almost guaranteed to find the perfect club for you (though I was disappointed to not find a Harry Potter society…) If you have your access card you will waive the $37 club joining fee. Also, if you’re doing psychology this year or are interested in psych at all, here’s a little plug for PSYCHE the Sydney uni psychological society… I’m vice president this year and we’re planning a big one!

Now that I’ve had a good look, I appear to be attending practically every O-Week event, but so be it… O-Week is a great final Hurrah before the Real Uni Life begins and we all have to hit the books… so enjoy it while you can!

If you haven’t seen the timetable yet, check out the www.oweek.com.au for more details, and see you around campus!


hi estella,
well there wasnt a sleepover last year, so im not sure about the turn out but im sure it will be lots of safe fun!
see you there.

not to mention the jumping castle.
yay! i love jumping castles!

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