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Hey guys, so your first week of uni is over.

It’s getting a bit difficult for us bloggers to figure out who’s reading this anymore, and whether we should target this to year 12s or you first years, but if you recent high school graduates / current first years are still out there, listen up...

You probably have a million questions bubbling up about lectures, tutes, webct, when the jacaranda tree is going to start blooming, where Bosch is, and here’s your chance to ask away. Post a comment if you have anything you think I might be able to answer, or even anything you think I WON’T be able to answer, and I’ll put up another blog next week in agony-aunt style! I’ve always wanted one of those columns.

You can remain anonymous, but only if your name creatively corresponds with your problem. So ask away!


Where is Bosch?

yes, we are still out here so please keep writing!!! you guys are funny haha. um, any tips on how to use lectures?

Due to the workings of a deranged university bureaucrat, I have found myself with enormous three hour breaks for lunch most days of the week. Other than synchronising my chewing with that of a sloth or practising calculus in the artificial Fisher light, what else is there to do?

WHere are the best toilets? Cleanest, most spacious, full length mirrors a bonus...

HAHAHAAHAH! talk about toilets! i'm actually very appalled at the carslaw's toilet. THEY SMELL! not to mention doors falling off hinges and broken locks!! so yes..where ARE the best toilets on campus? hehe...

Do you reckon it's too risky for me to move out and live in a sharehouse for my first year of uni? I'm debating whether to live in a sharehouse or on campus in a college or the uni village thingy. Any advice?

All wonderful questions.

Bosch is located opposite Wesley College. If that still doesn't help, head down Fisher Rd, then turn right onto Physics Rd. Turn left at the next street (opposite the ovals, can't remember what it's called) and then walk towards the University gates. Bosch will be there! (PS Bosch is almost universally hated as a lecture destination, but if you're lucky enough to be at college, it is the best present you can get at 8:55 on a hungover morning).

The best toilets are the newest ones, in the Holme Courtyard Cafe. I have also heard an urban myth about some wildly fantastic toilets in the Quad. I've been here for four years and haven't found them....if you do, please let me know!

Hmmm....how to use lectures. Well, first of all, strike up some conversations with your classmates. Everyone is nervous and no one will want to do it, but it will pay off! Then, make sure you are notebook-and-pen-equipped and be ready to write down important information. However, lots of lecturers will print out notes or post them on the web. Still, it's good to have your own copy come exam time. Listen out for important dates, and jot them in your diary ASAP.

Three-hour breaks are lovely but I do understand the apprehension. Apart from gazing at your star-crossed lover under the jacaranda tree, there's plenty happening.

Check out The Bull each week for social events, lunchtime gigs at Manning, club and society meetings and all manner of cool things. Go and eat lunch at Ralph's (yum! I'm heading there right after this!) or have a so-Sydney moment sipping a latte at Azzuri, in the Wentworth building.

Eat like a king for $6 at any Thai restaurant on King St, and if you're in the mood (and your budget doesn't disown you) do some shopping at the weird and wonderful stores lining the street.

Go to Divine Monkey Lounge on Glebe Point Rd with a good book and while away the hours eating the best blueberry muffins in the world and drinking chai.

Go to Fisher and read the blog. It's really awesome and you'll love it.

Take a library tour and get to know the Fish. Go to the AV room and watch a film (geeky but good on a rainy day!)

Make friends with lots of lovely people in your lectures and tutes, and invite them to lunch/coffee/whatever.

Explore the surounding suburbs. Newtown and Glebe are great, and Annandale is a short bus trip away. Rozelle is nice too - a bit further out but definitely accessible.

If you're super keen, go and check out the other campuses - the Con is at the corner of Bridge and Phillip Sts and is delightful. SCA is in the aforementioned Rozelle and also worth a look - it was featured in the film Cosi and used to be a psychiatric ward. Law School is a bit dull but right in the centre of town - go and have a hot chocolate at the Lindt Cafe while you're down there.

And finally...

If all else fails, do your readings.

lauren... im making a whole new post with the answers... youre giving out all the answers willy nilly and now no one will read mine.. make your own "lauren listens" column, you are good at advice :)

I found some nice toilets upstairs in the Quad, where you go up the stairs to McLaurin hall - well, technically I guess they are in the Mungo Macallum Building sticking out the other side, but anyways, they're nice and clean. But they dont have hot water like the main quad ones.

And Bosch isn't so bad... unless you get the crappy not-done-up-yet theatres instead of the comfy padded-seats-carpet-and-airconditioning ones. Ooh, but beware, there's a possum in the roof of one of the theatres, and it can make a bit of a racket early in the morning.

Haha asako I was so tempted to answer your questions too... what a good idea! Here's hoping they keep coming in, there's nothing better than making use of seemingly trivial but ultimately useful campus knowledge!
P.S. Lauren, the bathrooms in the Quad DO exist - for ladies on the left hand side if you are entering from the lawns (you have to go in a door and down some steps). They're pretty nice, but I object to the taps which are those automatically timed ones with hot water, they go way longer than you need & are totally environmentally unfriendly. Although at least they don't drip...

Hey AS, I love your blog.

What's the quickest way to get from the OTC to Eastern Ave Auditorium? I always get lost and annoyed.


Hey, im still in year 10, and it might sound crazy that im thinkin bout all this stuff now, but wud u happen 2 no wats the name of the exact course id be taking if i was interested in commerce/business/marketing/management. I recently went to a careers expo and now im so muddled by the different course i thought id look 4 help. any advice wud be helpful


hey murphy,

its never too early to start thinking about your degree!

year 10 is a perfect since you're probably right around subject selection time for your HSC, too.

anyway, it sounds as if you would be interested in something that the faculty of economics and business could offer you!

management and marketing are both majors available through the bachelor of commerce, and you can even study them through several other degrees in the faculty.

check out these websites for more detailled informaton.

faculty website:


prospectus (basic guide to all the degrees at usyd! make sure you check out "entry requirements"!)

And if you would like to speak to someone at Sydney Uni, you can call the helpline on 1300 362 006.



thnx heaps for the info, ill check it all out and get bak to u if it all works out :P

Hey! I'm in year 10 and i always read your blogs haha they're so funny! I can't wait to get to uni & study what i love ( human anatomy & science!).

But it's so wierd, i have no idea what a typical day would be like ! haha, could you take me through what yours is like?

Yay :)

hey lizzie! i will get onto it. in the meantime check out lauren and brendon's blogs on the topic!

hey asako, sweet blog!

i'm really keen on going to USYD next year, and i have a liiiiittle question for you,

in first year did you by any chance take the subjects 'concepts in biology' and/or 'fundamentals of chemistry' (i think they're called)?

i didn't do either bio or chem for the HSC, and i read somewhere that those two subjects are introductory for those in my situation (with no assumed knowledge of HSC content), but THEN i read that it's 'strongly recommended' that i take bridging courses if i didn't complete HSC level - this confuses me: if the subjects are introductory level, why would i need (expensive, seemingly useless) bridging courses?

i know i could call up and ask directly, but i wanted to find out on the student level what you, or your friends who might have been in my situation, did.


thanks for asking. youre right, sometimes its better to hear from someone whos actually done the damn course! haha..

i did in fact take concepts in biology without having done bio in high school, and i got through okay.

at one stage i thought i was going to fail, but dont let this scare you. I could have done more work than i did for that course, plus i really dont think bio was for me. EVEN SO i came out okay.

i assume it would be the same situation with chem.

basically they start teaching you from a point where you dont need to know anything, so you should be fine!

good luck


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