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I had a stop over in Hong Kong on my way to Europe.

The time came around for me to leave, so I hailed a cab to take me to the station.

We were driving along, when all of a sudden my driver stops slightly short of an intersection, and a man runs in front of our car and starts yelling at him. A quick look around leads me to the conclusion that he is the driver of the bus stopped behind us, and apparently my driver has done something to offend him (or maybe just plain illegal).

They begin to yell at each other. I don't catch a single word though their gestures indicate there was some kind of swerving incident I seem to have been unaware of. I attempt to remain calm while this fight goes on for a good five minutes, and several traffic light rounds. Meanwhile my meter is ticking.

Finally, the bus driver seems to have given up, and steps aside; I breathe a sigh of relief. However, instead of driving away, my cab driver swerves and hits the bus driver, who falls over onto the road and whose glasses go flying off behind him into oncoming traffic.

This is definitely not what I had in mind for the end of my trip. My cab driver gets out and appears quite apologetic (as you most certainly would). They spar for a bit longer, and apparently my cab driver has attempted to deny the hit, because the bus driver is pointing to me and saying "she saw!" (I assume).

I am ready to get out and hail a more law abiding cab, when the cab driver gives the bus driver his details, and all seems to have calmed down slightly. Bus driver's elbow is bleeding so I offer him a band-aid through my window.

We drive off without any more hassle and I request the meter to be reset. Cab driver obliges and eventually I get to the station, then the airport safely.

Apart from this minor hiccup, Hong Kong was on the whole quite lovely. Blisteringly hot and disgustingly humid, but still lovely.

I am currently writing from my hostel room in Vienna, which is my second European stop after Prague. Czeck out* my video from Prague

Meanwhile, I managed to finish Harry Potter during a 12 hour airport stop in London. I haven't bitten my nails in years but check out the state of them after about 7 hours straight of reading HP!

Library - 5684.jpg

*There were t-shirts, hats, etc all over the souvenir shops that said "PRAGUE: CZECK ME OUT!" and.. needless to say with my very easily entertained sense of humour, I found them hilarious.


Fantastic post my friend!

I think you write with a real world readability and eloquence. Fantastic really! I loved the bit about the biting nails (great picture!)

Yes, everything is great to me. It shouldnt be, I'm tired and have chemistry to do!

So yeah, this is my appreciative comment of this fantastic blog, I hope it spurs you all on!


i think that this experience would be extremely scary! i hope you enjoyed the harry potter book because i did.!!!

honkies are absolutely crazy

hahahhaa you never mentioned. That will make such a madsome dinner time anecdote. keep on blogging!

Asako, only you would post a photograph of your well-chewed nails. Hilarious.

interesting story on the cab and bus driver. good that he reset the fare. biting nails is a bad habit.

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