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I was told last year by an exchange veteran that the amount of time and work going into planning a trip like of this scale is equivalent to taking on an extra 6 credit point subject.

After viewing my diary for week 11 of last semester, you may agree.


So I’m going to McGill University in Canada for one semester. To go now, I had to start organising a whole year ago… it’s been a lot of work but right now I am SO excited.

Though their semester doesn’t start until September, I am leaving Australia in two short weeks to visit a friend of mine who is currently halfway through a year-long exchange in France. We are trekking around Europe for a month before I head to Montreal where the real stuff begins!

When I first started researching exchange, I thought it was like the high school exchange you could go on where most of the important things have been organised (chiefly, accommodation!), but then I found out that you have to do a lot of the hard work yourself.

However it was some dandy good procrastination that I got done during stuvac checking the house listings on the McGill website, I’ll tell you that much. Now it’s getting down to crunch time and I’ve got a pre-departure to-do list longer than the list of names in Paris Hilton’s little black book.

I’m a total mix of emotions – scared, excited, intrigued, disbelieving that it’s really happening, but tag along for the ride as I blunder my way through to the other side of the world! Knowing my luck and clumsy factor there will be a lot of interesting stories to come.

In fact, some people I’m sure don’t have total confidence in my living away from home (“Asako, look how dirty the clothes are that you’re wearing, how are you going to survive without your mum?” etc). My principal concern at the moment is though, how am I going to fit my whole life into this TINY LITTLE BACKPACK!?


Wish me luck!


Bye bye Asako. Have a wonderful time!!!

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