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Hey! I'm going on exchange TOMORROW and I'm going to be video blogging from Canada!

Check out my youtube account for regular blogs!


This is great!

this totally solves my 'i hate reading 'crisis' and i can see your beautiful face asako!!

I hope you're enjoying canada!

Hey Asako,Have a wonderful exchange,stay happy and keep us informed.You must tell us all the tall tales,total triumphs, terrible truths,and totally terrific tit bits of travelling to Canada thru Europe.

i'm a boy from china.
i wanna ask some questions.
Can you tell me how the international student life is in Sydney/Austrilia?
how much the rent is in Sydney?
how much i can be paid if i take a part-time job while i study there? thankyou.

Hi Jason,
Thanks for visiting the blog!

As an international student you are entitled to do anything a local student does, so the life is how you make it! We have a ton of social clubs and societies that you can join to make friends, plus sydney is very multicultural so you shouldn't worry about fitting in.

Rent in sydney can be expensive. It can start around $100 and go up to $200 or more, per week, for one room in an apartment or house. The important thing is to not get ripped off by a real estate agent or landlord.

We have an accommodation service that can help you find a place, and help you negotiate a contract etc.


A good option for when you first move here is to live in a university owned residence. Some examples are Darlington House, International House, and Sydney Uni Village. When you get a feel for the city you can choose a neighbourhood you feel comfortable in.

As for work, you can expect to earn about $15-20 an hour in a part time job. As an international student your hours may be limited to 20 hrs a week.

Good luck! Please post another comment if you have any more questions


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