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Even with the temperamental weather that’s plaguing Sydney this week, nothing can dampen the spirits for Sydney Uni LIVE! on Saturday because we won’t let it and because sandstone’s just as sexy, if not sexier, in pseudo-British rain. If worst comes to worst, we still have incalculable numbers of plastic ponchos for the fashion conscious, or so I hear.

So what’s going down on the day? Well, to me it’s the day when the individual faculties launch no holds barred warfare on each other. The Science faculty will offer a display of colourful fumes, chemicals and explosions whereas the Arts faculty will offer overseas exchanges, a wealth of knowledge and possibly free food (and candy) in a bid to win your soul for their degree. Undoubtedly the day will culminate in a not-to-be-missed showdown between the Camperdown campus and those on the other side of City Rd; the footbridge and the Wentworth building, which serves as a connection between the two campuses, may be the scene for a battle royale.

But inter-faculty battles aside, Sydney Uni LIVE! aims to give you a slice of Uni life. There are short lectures for all the degrees to help you decide on UAC preferences. Staff members will be available for questions, as will students in the degrees, so all questions are welcome.

Sydney Uni’s a campus that sprawls out quite extensively (not vertically like one university down the road) so the campus tours might be useful in just getting to know the general layout of the Uni and its. Who knows, I might jump in a tour and get a bit more acquainted with other parts of the campus apart from the Quad, Woolley and Manning…perhaps I could even find another inanimate object of desire.

The Trials are just over and you’re probably floating in that limbo between pleasure, and the sobering reality of the HSC just being a few weeks away. You might already have your heart set on a degree or your plans for next year are still up in the air. Whatever the case may be, it’s probably worth coming out to Sydney Uni LIVE!, if not for advice and information, then for a great time with mates, the music, the food…and the ultimate showdown between the Humanities and Sciences.

Hope to see you there!


Hi! I had a great time at Sydney Uni Live!!! Anyway, I was just wondering, its a bit random but with subject selections, do you have a chance to discuss your choices/lack of decision with someone before enrolling or what?

Hey Gemma, glad you had a good time at LIVE.

When you get around to choosing the subjects you take in your degree next year you'll be able to chat with the academics at the uni Info Day (...sometime in January I think???). The day's similar to LIVE but it'll be more focused in getting you prepped for uni.

On the enrolment day itself you can talk to the academic staff again before choosing your subjects. I found it a bit daunting choosing subjects for an entire year in advance but you're not locked into them and you can always change them before a set date. Those will probably be the key opportunities to talk through all the decisions and indecisions and hopefully figure something out.

Hope that answers your question!

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