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Well I've come good on my expectation of not keeping a weekly blog - some work came out of nowhere and I switched on to "say no to fun" mode. Anyway, nothing too exciting happened to me since nothing exciting happens to people in libraries (that could be a proverb). Well unless you read an amazing book, change your life and go on to change the world. But that's probably not going to happen to you - because as Happy Bunny says, "It worries me how dumb you are."

I came across Happy Bunny in a poster sale at the university - I felt the urge to buy a poster to fill in my blank walls - and the Happy Bunny poster was filled with quotes like, "You suck and that's sad" or "I'm happy, don't wreck it by talking" or "Your anger makes me happy". I've never heard of Happy Bunny so I went to Wikipedia and then it turns out its classed as black comedy, and then I find out that Fight Club and Little Miss Sunshine are also considered black comedy. So now I'm interested in black comedy! Wheeeee - now when someone asks me what my interests are I can tell them exactly what I'm into. Hopefully they'll still talk to me.

The most exciting thing I did in the last week was go kayaking, and it was great because I've always wanted to go kayaking. It seems so relaxing and meditative, just gently paddling across a lake and talking to your friends.

And in fact that's exactly how kayaking is for most people - a lot of fun and a nice way to hang out (instead of hanging out around something boring - like a tree).

But for me it was a little different - the first thing we had to do was strap ourselves into the kayak and then tip ourselves into the water. This is slightly traumatic because you wear a skirt that straps into the boat, and you have to somehow unhook this from the boat underwater (after tapping the boat twice to let everyone know you've had an accident) and then get to the surface. So if you can't get the straps off you just flail around under the water, slowly running out of oxygen.

Anyway, I managed to get out (didn't tap because my first priority was to breathe) and the people in charge thought that was fine. So I started kayaking - which wasn't the same as I had imagined it because I managed to go around in circles for the first half an hour - apparently my strokes were uncoordinated. This was kind of depressing, especially after the two drownings I endured so I could go on to the lake. Oh well - I'm going tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to go in a straight line.

There's a lot to do at Cornell - I played badminton today because it was raining during my tennis class - and that was really fun. I've never played it, but it was easy to pick up because its similar to tennis. Last week I went to a bioethics lecture, where they talked about the ethics of genetic testing (eg. one twin would like to know if he has Huntington's disease or not, but the other twin does not want to know - what do you do?) - which was also really interesting.

Going on exchange is a nice idea because it gives you some freedom to do whatever you want to do - and there are a lot of things to do at Cornell - and I'm sure there are things at every university. But I guess the benefit of going on exchange gives you some time and space to go exploring and find what you really enjoy.

I haven't heard many funny things this past week - the best one I heard was a revolutionary new concept called "No Shave November". The idea's simple - just don't shave for the entire month!

"Why haven't you shaved?"

"Woah! I can hear that accusatory tone - I know what you're thinking - that I'm too disorganised to find time to shave - but I am organised! And I chose not to shave because its No Shave November!"

And if you decide to put your disorganisation to good use and raise money for your non-effort...

"Woah! That's a big beard and you look really messy. Don't you care about your appearance?"

"No...but I do care about the children." (And then turn away after giving the accuser a disgusted look as if he/she doesn't care about children.)

And today from the lecturer in my "Psychology of Emotion" class (there's a good class for anyone coming to Cornell) - "Cat's are like having a really attractive boyfriend/girlfriend. You like them, but they don't really care about you. And the less they care about you the more you like them."


All hail Movember!

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