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October 2007

In the vast expansive ocean of the Sydney CBD, it’s easy to get lost amongst the sharks, mullets and gropers. The good ship Sydney Con is anchored smack bang in the middle, leaving its crew to explore the surrounding seas. The dangers* are great, but the rewards to be reaped** far outweigh any risks involved in our exploration. Listen closely, young ones, as Captain Liisa imparts integral information about Circular Quay’s hidden treasure and how to reach it safely…

* mainly involving dangerous flying fish and diseased carcasses
** namely, the general quaffing and merry-making that takes place in an enchanted oasis

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So I went canoeing over fall break – it's been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And I had an amazing experience – it was 5 days/4 nights, and we canoed over 30 miles, portaged (where you carry the canoes on foot) for 2 km, and did a 5 km hike up and down a mountain. I’ve been hiking before, and my experience has been mainly masochistic – carrying a 20 kg pack on your back for 15 km in a day is not “fun” in any other sense of the word, and neither is eating 2 min noodles and cans of tuna because you don’t want to carry around your deluxe bean, salsa and burrito kit. But when you’re in a canoe you can take as much stuff as you want – and we took the bean, salsa and burrito kit .

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Summer Days

19 Oct

An old Sydney Uni myth suggesting ‘if you haven’t started studying for exams before the quadrangle jacaranda’s first bloom, you’re going to fail,’ is not something I want to think about one week and three assignments from the end of classes.

Take a walk through the quad and you’ll notice the unmistakable spattering of lilac already dusted over the vibrant lawn. There’s no denying it. The flowers have arrived, early, and with them, the end of another year.


I know I've been MIA recently but before I do a big fill-you-in-on-everything post I thought I would share with everyone my local squirrels.

They may seem cute but they are downright scary when they get too close.


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