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So, it seems my Ask Asako post is still attracting applicants and I’ve been asked to write about what I do all day. (PS - feel free to keep requesting new blog topics!!!)

I thought it might be a good idea to do one of those while I was still on exchange!

8:30am - Alarm. Yep, we can skip over the snooze-fest, it takes a while for me to get up.

9:30am - Crawl into the kitchen where my housemate has made coffee (she always gets up before me... yay!). Dress, brush teeth, etc.

9:45am - Leave the house, dressed appropriately for the sub zero temperatures!

10:00am - Class on the anatomy of the brain... I don’t think MY brain is quite ready to accept the information, yet.

11:30am - Break! Head to the Shatner Building for lunch with a friend (William Shatner used to come to McGill, and their equivilant of the union building is known affectionately by students as the Shatner. A lovely place for a bite to eat...)

1:00pm - Linguistics class. I made an interesting friend in this class. Last time I saw him he said, “I try to incorporate the word ‘shag’ into my vocabulary daily. I think it makes the world a better place”. Incidentally he’s also in my Brain class but never seems to make it.

2:30pm - Break. One of my friends lives on street away from campus so I usually go there to hang out. She’s an Aussie exchange student too so during the first few weeks of semester we’d download the latest Summer Heights High and watch it and reminisce about Australia!

4:30pm - Conference on the Brain class -a “conference” is basically a tutorial, but instead of going over the material in class, they sort of introduce new material, but to a smaller group of people. I don’t exactly get the point, but it might be so that the TAs (teaching assistants) get some teaching time.

6:00pm - French class! Montreal is a bilingual city so I decided to take a French class for fun. It’s run by the McGill International Students’ Society and taught by a French exchange student. Basically we learn some inappropriate phrases and have a lot of fun.

7:30pm - Either go and get a shish taouk for dinner with some of the other kids in the class, over which we may plan our next trip, or go home and cook with a friend of mine who lives just around the corner.


So this would be one of my more packed days. Some days I only have one class, and then on the weekends I would normally go out and check out the nightlife on Rue Crescent, or Blvd St Laurent (right next to which I conveniently live).

Meanwhile, check out me and some friends having a ball in the snow!!


Aww... I miss McGill! I was also doing Linguistics subjects there last year on exchange. Make the most of it, and good luck in your exams!

thanks joel for the comment on my video too!

for a while iw as considering trying to extend, but it seemed like too much hassle and money would certainly become an issue then!

it would have been nice to experience the rest of winter here, however.

thanks again! :)

I hope you have a great time out there. I've been to another Canadian city named Winnipeg for school, and believe me, sub zero in Montreal fails in comparison!

Any uni with a building named after William Shatner is CLEARLY AMAZING!!! I'm so glad you're having a fab time there. See you when you get back!

hahahaha sako we are so going to the snow. Stuff Greece in July!

I want Shish Taouk. Do they have Shish Taouk in Australia? Mmmm....

Freezing in Canada looks like fun, but I prefer surfing in warmer waters :-)

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