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Firstly I should say that as I write this, the time I have to finish (read: start) an assignment that my lecturer has kindly given me two extensions for, is slowly ticking away. That extension was the first lucky thing that happened recently.

Apart from that, I feel like I’ve been touched by an angel this week with my luck. I knew I’d be repayed for that unlucky week sometime last year! Either that or its repayment for my first week here when I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, being bounced from head dean to school manager to faculty representative to student services to exam centre (seriously), and when that was over, having webCT inform me that I didn’t exist even as a student.

But anyway, the point at hand is what GOOD has been happening - last weekend me and some friends hired a car and went on a bit of a day trip to a town a few hours out of Montreal, followed by an animal park which can be likened to a Canadian Safari.


So halfway through our safari trip (which involved feeding carrots to deer who would come up and lick our car and stick their heads in the window to salivate on us), I get a call from a woman who says she has my wallet.

First of all, I didn’t even notice that I’d LOST the wallet, but she told me that she found it in the middle of the parking lot at Mt Tremblant which was where we were previously (and, an inconvenient 2 hour drive from the animal park, in the opposite direction to Montreal!) I realised my number isn’t listed anywhere but she had found a cheque that my housemate had written me and had gotten my number off her.

I thanked her profusely but before I even had a chance to feel like an idiot about myself she was saying, “so I’ll just put it in an express post bag and send it to you, alright?”

It was nice enough that she’d picked it up and gone out of her way to contact me, and I was expecting to have to cut our trip short and go pick it up, so I wasn’t expecting this. Dumbstruck, I didn’t have much to say, and sure enough it arrived promptly, and with a card, which read as follows:

I’m so glad that we found your wallet and were able to return it to you. Please just “pay it forward" and do someone else a favour when the chance arises.

I guess you are a long way from home. My daughter is currently living in Manly and loves Australia. We visited there in Feb/March and had a wonderful trip and loved your country.

Enjoy the rest of your time here in Canada. Keep warm!

Jan X

PS Just a suggestion - put your cell # in your wallet. TIP FROM A MOM :)”

HOW SWEET! I still haven’t had a chance to send her anything but I will do as soon as I get home... a wallet is a life!

The next day, I had a paper* due. Since it was due at 5pm, I’d written one of the ten pages we had assigned for it, so I went into school* early to do finish it off. I realised I’d left the textbook at home and just could NOT be bothered going home to get it, so I checked on the catalog to see if any were available in the library (yeah right, on the day it’s due) and was greeted with the somewhat expected news that no, they are all out (or lost).

I walked away from the computer, trying to tell myself that the walk home wouldn’t be warranted and I didn’t really need the book, when someone came and tapped me on the shoulder,

“excuse me”

me: “oh great, did I drop something? I’m so clumsy, thanks.”

random guy: “uh, no. Actually I couldn’t help seeing that you were looking for that social psychology book. I have a copy of it you can borrow,”

me: “oh wow! Thanks! Is it the library copy you’re just about to return or something?”

random guy: “no, it’s my own copy. Here, take it. Give it back to me some time after class,”

me: “...........omigodyouaresonice...thanks”

I toddled off and did my assignment. Then, the day I met up with him to give it back, it SNOWED.

So, all in all a pretty good week.

PS. This was obviously written before my last entry about snow, but I forgot to post it. WOOPS.

*Canadian for “essay” and “uni”


Oh this gives me warm fuzzies all over! Good people in the world! Hurrah!

Such an awesome blog. I was actually moved with reading it! Interesting moving and captivating. It amused me a lot. I repeat, this blog is awesome :)

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