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Herein are my tips on coffee around campus. If the availability of good coffee and snack-holes near campus is important to you, Sydney Uni is the place to go. Quick Disclaimer: only one of these places are actually on campus. There are other places, like the USU-run coffee carts, but they aren’t renowned for their culinary standards. They are more about getting snack-food for studying, like Pods. Pods ....

1. Toby’s Estate (on City Road, short walk from Broadway)

A short walk across Victoria Park and you are there: Toby’s, where delicious dreams come true. While the “best coffee in Sydney” tag is reserved for Campos (see below), Toby’s scores extra points by making really good coffee AND serving extremely delicious food. The tables are kind of small, and they seem to make a policy of kicking you out if you mooch around too long, but for great coffee and great food you cannot go wrong. Because it’s close to the Quad and the Library, Toby’s is also frequented by lecturers, librarians and members of the University promotions department.

2. Campos (Missenden Roadd, off King Street, Newtown)

“The Best Coffee in Sydney”; unlike most cafes, which use that kind of tag just go get you in, here it is actually true. A short walk off campus, in the direction of the colleges and a plethora of Thai restaurants, Campos will never disappoint. Because of its reputation and high-quality output, it is almost always busy. They also don’t serve any real food, just biscotti and thing like that. But: delicious caffeine. In summer, try the affogato (espresso on vanilla icecream in a chilled glass) or the iced coffee, which is killer.

3. Sapho (Glebe Point Road)

Sapho isn’t renowned as a cafe true. It is renowned by all students as “that cool second-hand bookstore in Glebe where you can get a coffee”. They also serve tea and delectable snacks and meals. The walls are covered in books and its very friendly. You can also sit out the back under sun-cloth with ferns and a fading graffiti mural. It is a well-known fact that coffee tastes better when you pretend to be a bohemian. You might also pick up some reading material for a uni subject while you’re there.

4. Ralphs (Cumberland campus, near the gym)

A very decent cup of jo to be had here. This cafe is run by Ralph. He’s a big guy who hangs around and talks loudly, shouting at staff and students. It’s a family run, friendly buisness and the service is pretty good. If you’re lucky, previous Big Brother contestant Max may even flirt with you. The mocha comes highly recommended: they use special secret Italian chocolate powder. Also: delicious toasted home-made sandwiches. This cafe is also on campus, which makes it a big plus for a quick, in-between class pick-me-up.


I would only recommend Toby’s Estate though for many reasons mostly it's closer to where I have most of my classes.

Can i also suggest ... stay away from the coffee cart near Eastern Avenue ... but the cart outside Manning makes the best vanilla lattes on campus =)

Also, San Churros (famous for its hot chocolate, which it will also make for you gluten-free) is less that 2 minutes walk down Glebe Point road.

Azzuri's! Sam, you forgot Azzuri's. Excellent coffee and carrot cake muffins. And chicken and coriander sandwiches. And other wonderful foodstuffs that start with c... like chai. I can't vouch for the chai. I'm sure it's good.

Azzuri's is also on campus, in the bottom of the wentworth building. It's super.

Azzuri's is fantastic! Best coffee on campus imo. I only discovered it last week :)

Azzuri's is my favourite too!

Toby's is great, and makes the BEST scrambled eggs I've ever tasted. Ever. And I've never been kicked out! Even after theyve closed. Maybe cos I'm a regular now .. how embarassing

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