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I took this snap outside the White House when I visited Washington D.C. earlier this month. I have always had a secret desire to be like C.J. Cregg from the West Wing, so I am thinking of taking him on, becoming his press secretary and creating a Rags to Riches legend with which even Barack Obama could not contend.

At the beginning of this year I was a hardcore Hilary Clinton supporter. I spent hours each week mulling over the Hilary v. Obama debate with my housemate Joanna. Neither of us preferred Hilary just because she is a woman, but we were convinced she would make a better president than Obama or McCain.

It is important to point out at this point that neither of us are American citizens – Joanna is Canadian and I am Australian...we just liked to talk as if we could vote in the election, as I will continue to do in this blog. Let’s face it, most of us wish we could vote in this one!

Joanna and I thought Hilary Clinton was more intelligent, had better policy ideas and more relevant experience....and we totally thought she kicked Obama’s ass in the debates.

But then something interesting happened....

Our conversation started to shift from her policies to her ugly pant suits. We started criticizing her hair and her makeup and suddenly it become all about how we had a bit of a crush on Obama and how we really liked the way Michelle Obama dressed.

Then Will.i.am released that great Yes We Can video on you tube. Talk about star power! If you haven’t seen it you should check it out on YouTube

Slowly, but surely, I was being turned into a supporter of Barack Obama. The shift really didn’t have much to do with the man himself. Sure he gave good speeches, but it was everything around me that was changing my mind. As I heard daily on CNN (which I have become obsessed with since living in North America)...“the momentum” or “the buzz” was on Obama’s side.

As someone who has spent a little too much time watching the coverage of this year’s U.S. Presidential election campaign, I have come to believe something I have suspected for a long time....Image really is everything!

What do you think...if we got ‘Me for President Now’ a good suit and a photo op with Goldie Hawn and Brad Pitt...would you be tempted to vote for this man?


looking at the performance of some of the past president's in the US, this man in the box looks like a great candidate for presidency.

I prefer Hilary Clinton than Obama. Packaging and marketing are powerful tools that can change people minds. That's why iPod is so successful even though its sound quality is not really that great.

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