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You are an ordinary Sydney Girl. Your days are spent learning about the American Civil War, having chance encounters with friends in Sydney Uni's quadrangle and drinking flat whites at an array of nearby coffee spots. Two afternoons a week you tutor kids in English and every Wednesday you meet your two besties to drink tea, eat a questionable number of Tim Tams and discuss issues of serious global import...like which of the boys from Gossip Girl is the hottest.

On the weekends you either see a movie with your sisters, head to a friend's house for a DVD marathon, or head into the city for a good meal and a good drink. And every Sundays you have lunch with your family.

This is all great and fun, but it really is getting a bit monotonous.

What do you do?

You need a change so you decide to.....

Adventure 1. Change your hairstyle - they say blondes have more fun!

Adventure 2. Change jobs - maybe a retail gig will be more stimulating than helping 5 year olds sound out their vowels...and a staff discount never hurt anyone!

Adventure 3. Get out of town on the weekends. If you can afford it why not try a trip to the snow or the Hunter Valley...wine and cheeses by a fire sounds like the perfect way to spend a wintry weekend!

Adventure 4. Go to Canada on exchange. Spend what would have been your summer navigating snow drifts as high as your belly-button, temperatures as low as -20, and black ice which never fails in making you fall. But it's not all bad - you're studyng some great courses at Queen's University, meeting people from far off places like the the Netherlands and Argentina, and ice skating with new friends at an outdoor rink in your local park. You are only an hour by plane from New York City and only 3 hours from Cuba...places you actually get to visit during your exchange semester.

So....what will it be?

Hopefully my shameless plug for exchange will encourage some of you to take the plunge, fill out the application form and embark on an amazing adventure of your own.

As part of the exchange experience you get to visit amazing places and meet incredible people from all over the world. But what is even more incredible about the whole experience is that when you come home, despite all the distance you have covered, your ordinary Sydney life becomes pretty exciting to lead and you become aware of just how special it is to drink tea with friends on Wednesdays and eat lunch with your family on Sundays!


Hey Claire!
I am about to leave to go to Ottawa on exchange and your post made me very excited :)

did you really go to Cuba? wow!

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