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I guess no amount of exchange pre-departure seminars prepare you for that first day of exchange when you wake up, breath American air, hear American accents, and head down to a local bar; all the while being told to keep your head down so the cop peering into the back of the ute doesn't see you hiding amongst the old sleeping bags.

Just kidding. But that actually happened. Yesterday. I'm Adam, and as of this past Monday, I live in Casa Zimbabwe, "the home of unwanted children" (their words, not mine, part of the University of California's Student Co-operative Association). Which means, nothing is clean(I am, sorta), everything (seriously) is drawn/painted/carved on, and everyone is borderline OUT of their highly educated minds.


This place is a montage of young, and in most cases, brilliant, students who are (barely) able to run their own lives, and everyone sort of bands together to save money on beer (and weird fluorescent blue drinks, don't ask). Since classes have not yet begun, life here consists of slowly getting to know the 125 czars (CZ-ers, come on, you understand) who have been filtering in over the past week, and planning trips to Yosemite Valley (next week) and to San Francisco to see Radiohead (tomorrow). Still, since I haven't attended any classes, nor made much of a dent into exploring the surrounds, I'll keep this entry short and write more as things progress...

Cheers, thanks for reading.



hi adam - wow you are having a different experience to the Cornelians! sounds like a great experience though. advice: try to avoid drinks which are fluro or blue - there is no natural blue food and hence no natural blue drink. Enjoy and keep the stories coming - Trixie and I love reading them! Jas

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