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The clouds have parted, the sun has come out, the blue birds sing and the flowers are in bloom. Spring has sprung, and this can only mean one thing. The HSC trials are over.
Some of you are undoubtedly about to be reported missing, last seen laughing maniacally as you run from the exam room in your underpants, ready to obliterate any brain cell that dared to learn anything useful for the exams. Those of you not on this “Quest to Ingest” may be thinking about university. Quite responsible for someone who is (clearly) not yet eighteen!

Whatever the case, UAC applications have opened, and if you want to go to uni in 2009 or even if you are deferring to 2010, now is the time to look into it.

Personally, I knew I wanted to do Arts at Sydney before I even got into year twelve. The simple reason for this was that I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do after school except that I wanted to go to uni, so I chose a general course at the university which offered the subject most options. Sydney is also considered to have something like the fifth best Arts faculty in the world, so the choice wasn’t a particularly difficult one to make.

A lot of my friends, however, had a much more difficult time choosing what it was that they wanted to do and where they wanted to do it. So here’s some advice:

1) Go to an Open day
Just like any other open day, but instead of pictures of hairy fire trucks and macaroni mediocrity, there might be a few things you won’t have to pretend to want to see. Since you’re reading this, chances are you’re leaning towards coming to Sydney - Sydney's open day, Sydney Uni LIVE!, is this Saturday (30 August, 9:30am-4pm).
Anyway, If you want to know more about live, here is the place to go-

But in short, the open day is a chance to go to mini lectures on your courses, tour around campus, talk to a course adviser, have a look at the museum, get a glimpse of the various exhibitions and demonstrations on show including live music and games, not to mention a BBQ or two, and lets not forget free stuff ( I hope you like pens! But then again who doesn’t, right??) There are free buses every ten minutes between 9:30am and 4pm to the campus, and if you like, on the website you can print out your own program based on the courses and activities you’re interested in seeing. I went last year, and it definitely gave me the confidence that I was making the right choice, and all the talk from “my parents the partisans” was more than just snooty jibber jabber.

2) Parental Advice
Speaking of parents, speak to your parents! Some of them may have gone to uni back when it cost less than a Kevin Federline album, but for the most part they know what they’re talking about. However, despite what they might want you to think, parents are not always right. My parents looked at me as though I had just told them I was marrying Santa Claus when I told them I was considering doing a media course at UTS. A good idea to get an impartial perspective on what to do is to see your school’s career adviser, because they’ll have access to all of your records and they will be more familiar with the current admissions system.

3) Look at the UAC Guide
If you’re not the sort of person to go and see people about what you want to do, the UAC guide can tell you pretty much anything you might want to know, including brief course descriptions and options for every course imaginable at all the major universities around Australia, the entrance UAI required for the previous years applicants, as well as some useful helpline numbers and websites. If you want to know about Sydney specifically, go here http://www.usyd.edu.au/fstudent/undergrad/index.shtml or call 1300 362 006 ( as if anyone uses the phone these days)

4) And if you’re still stuck…
Ask current students! Or have a look through the archives on this blog. There’s lots of advice from lots of different people doing lots of different courses. If you have any questions which can’t be answered by the website of helpline ( and hopefully I’m not setting myself up for an inbox disaster), just post them below and we’ll see if the combined knowledge of the Sydney Life Bloggers can’t provide the answer!

Good Luck, and definitely go to Sydney Uni Live! On the 30th and have a look!


Hey.. That was some good stuff, quite detailed.. I am an aspirant of the University of Sydney and I am from India.. After reading your blog, I am certainly a little more positive in my Outlook.. I guess you are one of those lucky few people who know what they want to do and I am still pondering over the options available! I hope the best for you!


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