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October 2008

I am back! I know it has been a while but because of that I’ve got plenty of things to tell you.

First of all, I went to a really cool Flamenco concert in Boston. The name of the guitar player was Jonathan “Juanito” Pascual and one of the dancers was Nino de Los Reyes. Juanito is an American flamenco guitarist who learned from the best maestros in Spain and Nino de Los Reyes is a young bailaor, part of the de Los Reyes dynasty of flamenco dancers...

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The sun is out, the birds are singing, the jacaranda tree is in bloom... all of which can mean but one thing: Semester 2 is winding down, exams are on the horizon and another year of uni is drawing to a close.

The Quad, in all its summery glory!

It seems strange that uni is about to finish up for another year in a few weeks time. The end of next week will be the end of class, and then three weeks after that exams will be over. Another academic year, done and dusted. It feels a little strange. This Semester has, for me, not been the best. But you know what? That's actually not a bad thing.

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This week in class, I learnt about the Canadianization of Canada's Foreign Policy.
This blog has absolutely nothing to do with Canada's foreign affairs, except that the lecture made me realise that I am slowly and surely becoming Canadianized. (For instance, I am now spelling Canadianized with a 'z' instead of an Aussie 's'.)
Though I only just realised it, I can see now that this process has been creeping up on me since my arrival here. But (*deep breath*) I know that the first step to recovery is admitting what I've become.



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This blog comes a little late this time – I've been considerably bogged down with numerous assignments, assessments, not to mention a veritable host of personal issues that have absorbed a great deal of my time and enthusiasm. Nevertheless, I'm back with another blog that will, with any luck, give you just that little bit extra background before you choose to come to our University.


I am a Bruin. A true bruin. I wear the blue and gold, I chant the 8-clap with pride….and I’m the sworn enemy of all Trojans. School spirit here is just remarkable. University isn’t just a place to go to class – it’s a community, a family, almost a way of life.


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Things are starting to get busy here in Ottawa.
I am about to start my midterm examinations, even though I'm only into week 4 of semester (seriously, the Canadians make us Sydney Uni kids look like great big bludgers.)
Ottawa is also hotting up as the place to be with both the US and the Canadian federal elections happening soon. My residence overlooks Parliament Hill, so I like to think I'm kind of in the thick of things ;)
With all this, and the recent spate of dramas in Gossip Girl (can't help it - exchange has increased my addiction to unbelievably bad extremes), I decided to make an attempt at retreat from all of the hustle and bustle. So I went and stayed in a small log cabin in the middle of nowhere for the weekend.

log cabin.jpg


So, it’s is mid-semester break and I am supposed to be ferreting my way through mountains of research material, drafting proposals, writing reports, proofing my essays. However planned my time is, however pristine my to-do list, the crashing sense of defeat inevitably comes when I realise that the only reason why I plan so meticulously is to avoid doing any actual work. After another frustrating trip to the library, I have come up with the top five reasons why books should be banned. It is an entirely modest proposal. Please peruse it at your leisure.

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This last weekend was Cornell's Homecoming weekend, and despite the rain, the crowds came through. While I confess a limited understanding of the concept of Homecoming, it seems to be the time of the year when all the alumni of the university come back for a day of 'tailgating', formals, and good old-fashioned American football.


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