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I am back! I know it has been a while but because of that I’ve got plenty of things to tell you.

First of all, I went to a really cool Flamenco concert in Boston. The name of the guitar player was Jonathan “Juanito” Pascual and one of the dancers was Nino de Los Reyes. Juanito is an American flamenco guitarist who learned from the best maestros in Spain and Nino de Los Reyes is a young bailaor, part of the de Los Reyes dynasty of flamenco dancers...

I really recommend you to go to a Flamenco concert at least once in your lives because it is an amazing experience.

Going back to life in Cornell, I have been to a couple of Frat parties this week. The way in which fraternities work is somehow complicated. First of all, most of the frats have chapters in different universities. For example, you will find the Zeta Psi fraternity in Cornell and in another fifty-something universities in the US. The original Zeta Psi is called “The National” and it can regulate its different chapters. There is an entire Fraternities and Sororities article in Wikipedia, which I think is very interesting, as I didn’t know that fraternities were so elaborated. Anyway, back to frat parties. I think the most amazing thing about frat parties is that there are free drinks for everyone (which is probably the reason why the police shut them off so often). When you are at a frat party, it is always convenient to know a member (or “brother”) of that frat for many reasons. First, you can quickly get into the party if the line is too long (which is usually the case). Then, you can convince your friend to let you into the upper levels of the house if the line for the bathroom is too long and the same applies with the lines for the drinks. So basically it is all about queuing up…but hey, it is all for free!

While partying here is lots of fun, there is also a lot of work to do. The main difference between Sydney Uni and Cornell (and I am only referring to Science because I don’t know if that would be the case with other faculties) is that here you get assignments every week for every class. You also have at least two exams for each class, which makes the final exam not to be as important as it was in most of the courses I’ve taken in Sydney. Something that surprised me is that most courses do not have a practical component. Instead, you have to enrol in laboratories as separate classes. Anyway, everything is different in every part of the world so I figure I’ll just try to get used to it. Speaking of different, I had the most amazing lecture a couple of weeks ago. Our lecturer decided to have a game day the lecture before the exam so we could learn and relax at the same time. I don’t know if you are familiar with the American TV game show “Jeopardy”, but it was just like that. Basically, each team had to select a category with a certain amount of points and answer the question correctly in order to earn those points. I know it doesn’t sound like a university lecture but it was lots of fun!

That’s all for now but for the next edition I will try to upload some Halloween photos, as they get crazy about Halloween around here. I wanted to dress up as an exchange student (with my Sydney Uni jumper), but people keep telling me that’s lame so I am willing to accept any suggestions!


Flamenco concerts are awesome, and super fun when you have somebody next to you trying to mimic the singer :)

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