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Those are three big things in America, and I had the chance to experience all of them!

Halloween was crazy, partly because of the costumes but mostly because of the amount of people that went out to the streets that night. There were two or three big Frat parties that night and one of them got shut down by the University Police, so as you can imagine the rest of the parties were packed...

That’s the reason why there were so many people out on the streets, including pirates, snow whites, police women, cowboys and this one guy dressed up as a box of tissues (it was ridiculous). I dressed up as the puppet from the horror movie “Saw” because I thought it would be cool to scare some people. But wearing that mask ended up being a pain in the neck. That’s why I decided to dress up as a reporter for the second Halloween party I went (I have friends that went to three Halloween parties in a row: Thursday, Friday and Saturday). I got to ask really interesting questions to random people and to do a full coverage on a beer-pong game.

What do you think this guy in the middle is dressed up as? -hmm...no clue

I recently went to a hockey game between Cornell and Harvard. Apparently, smashing people against the walls in a hockey game is perfectly allowed. I didn’t know that before the game so when I first saw it happening I got worried about someone getting hurt, but with time I thought it was really entertaining.

A tradition before every Cornell-Harvard game is to throw fish (yeah fish!) from your seats into the hockey field. Of course this is not allowed by the University, so they check everyone at the entrance to see if they are smuggling any fish into the stadium. However, I had the impression that a high-tech fish detector is needed because a lot of fish were thrown into the field that night!

Other requisites before a Cornell-Harvard game include getting your voice prepared for yelling “Harvard sucks!” during at least one hour and to be alert for the targeted chants against each of the Harvard players (specially the goalie). Those strategies worked very well that night because Cornell won the game!

Last but not least, I went to Washington DC for Thanksgiving because my aunt invited me to her house. I don’t think it was an all-American Thanksgiving dinner because most of the people there were Latin American; however it was lots of fun and (more importantly) the food was great. I’ve just arrived to my room at after a 7-hour drive from DC so I’ll get some rest and get started with some Uni work tomorrow!


Nice moustache Rodrigo ;)

loooove the moustache!
the "saw" mask was just creepy :S

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