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Last weekend we visited the Danish equivalent of Surfer’s Paradise. In a town called Aalborg, there is one street, famous throughout Denmark, that has 50 clubs on it! It’s amazing!

The clubs vary from head-banging rock-n-roll pubs, to hip-hop clubs, from chilled out bars to ranch themed pubs/restaurants – basically, there is a place designed for everyone! I recommend doing a crawl along the street, just to see what you can find! But again, don't expect things to start happening in the bars until about 1 or 2...but don't worry, you're still guaranteed a long night! 6am is early for the Danes!

We spent the next day wandering through a zoo as recovery time...a very funny way to chill out actually. We witnessed almost every animal in the act...most hilariously lions!

We even met the only REAL Danish witch. I’m not entirely sure what this means, but all the Danes are convinced she is a real witch – apparently she makes herbal remedies and lives in the forest – and she’s known all over the country. I think the determination of the Danes in believing she’s truly magical may be a result of too many nights out in that oh-so-famous street in Aalborg!?!


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