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Because I’ve been treated so well by Danes showing me their food and culture, it was my turn to introduce some Danes to real Aussie food! I actually had to think really long and hard about what traditional Aussie food was when they asked me – I looked it up online, and some of the suggestions were chilli con carne and Thai curry…maybe the fact that the word Thai is in that dish makes it not Aussie?!??!!!

But, we decided to make damper with vegemite, meat pie and pavlova! The reactions to vegemite were the best I’d ever seen…one guy actually asked “Is this taste…on purpose?!!!” hahaha. We also educated them in the Vegemite song and the banana song, which they found absolutely hilarious, and later told me they’d downloaded them!!


You sound like a mean cook Clare. Wish I was there for the feast!

Vegemite is a definate part of the 'Australian Experience'... and the banana song! Maybe next on the list should be the Tim Tam Slam! Jamie

That sounds pretty fun! (And pretty delicious! :)) The Danes sure sound enthusiastic. :D

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