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And, after the best nine months of my life, I’m back in Aus!!!! To be honest, it feels a little weird – I can understand everything that’s going on, everyone has my accent and people drive on the right (or wrong now for me!) side of the road. But, it’s home.

It’s a little strange to think that none of my friends and family from home have met the people I’ve spent the majority of a year with, or, to be honest, know close to nothing about Denmark. There’s a group of us from Arhus though who are Sydney-siders who each know what we’ve all been up to, and can help each other in the transition home. We’re not ready to give up Europe just yet – we’re heading out to Scu Bar tonight to meet backpackers!! Haha.

But, the exchange experience is honestly one of the best things you could do. I’d recommend it to absolutely anyone, and I’d also recommend Denmark. In fact, I was thinking that exchange would be great wherever you went, but the experience would be so varied. Now that I was able to travel pretty much every weekend to a different country (I went to 20 countries while being away!), I couldn’t imagine having done my exchange anywhere but Europe! It’s really an incomparable experience, and being an Aussie, knowing that I can jump on a train or a short flight, or even a bus ride, and be in a completely different culture just astounds me.

Well, time to get my life started here again, with Media internships starting next week! I know that although my exchange is now just a memory, it is a big part of who I am now, and those months were truly the most fun ever!


Hey Clare. I envy u for getting an exchange to a fabulour country. What concerns me the most is the living expense and travelling cost as well as applying for the visa. I'd appreciate if u could share wit me some personal experiences 'bout that.

No problem!

Ok, so to be honest living expenses are pretty expensive (I had a really nice apartment and was paying around $400 Aussie dollars a month). Food is ok...there are cheaper supemarkets and things which make it easier though.

Travel is as expensive as you want to make it. You can do it so cheaply though! There are really cheap airlines (like RyanAir and EasyJet) which sometimes even have free flights, and being on the mainland of Europe means you can catch the train too. Hostels are generally around the 18 Euro mark, including breakfast, so it's pretty good.

Applying for the visa is really easy. The Danes and Aussies have some sort of aggreement which means you can get a visa easily and really fast (within a few days if you have to!).

Although it can be expensive, you really do find ways around it, and it ended up being not so bad. Don't let that turn you off Denmark - it's amazing! :)

Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Yes, it is so expensive.

Have fun! :)

ahh! clare! i totally feel you on the weirdness when coming back. life is just not the same after exchange... good luck with your internship :-)

Hey Clare!

Your experience in Europe sounds like so much fun! But speaking of abroad experiences..I too am about to embark on my exchange to YOUR homeland, Australia! Being an American student from Caribbean backgrounds I am so excited, yet nervous about traveling and living in your country. I will also be taking some courses at Sydney Uni. So, I wanted to ask if you had the time to answer any questions and/or give me some tips about both Sydney and the Uni..

thanks a bunch! :)

Hi Jamie,

How exciting!!! You're going to have SO much fun!

Of course! Any questions, just shoot them through :)

Happy travelling!

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