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Leaving Denmark and saying goodbye to Europe definitely wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Simple things, like: ‘But wait, you can’t get Tuborg beer at home!’ or ‘There’s no H&M in Australia’ even, ‘You mean, I’ll be in one place for more than just a number of days?!!!’ kept popping into my head. But it wasn’t just the leaving of the place, most heart-breakingly it was leaving the people.

I’m sure everyone who’s been on exchange will tell you just how close the friendships are that you make while you’re away. It seems like such a cliché but these people really do become family. The Danes had helped me to settle in and understand what was going on, while the other exchangees had had the same experiences of not knowing anyone, the language or what it was like to live overseas.

I first said goodbye to Denmark was in December, and distracted myself from the fact that I was leaving with two and a half amazing months of travel. I though I’d jot down some anecdotes of the last few months that stand out:
- having it snow on Christmas morning while skiing in the Austrian Alps
- A London New Year’s Eve, where the atmosphere was fantastic despite only being able to see a tiny bit of the fireworks – there was a collective “Oh” when we realised the police had ushered about 300 of us into the one section along the Themes where the London Eye is totally blocked by an IBM building. But when one of the people let off their own fireworks just in front of us all, the crowd went off!
- eating a sheep’s head in Morocco (I swear the food poisoning wasn’t from that!)
- getting absolutely drenched in the rain walking around various castles throughout Spain
- overtaking a horse and carriage on the ‘freeway’ in our hired car in Malta
- getting all dressed up, and people watching in Venice at Carnival.

The number of experiences are just countless, and I’m lucky to have shared it with amazing people. I’ve met so many people and had so much fun that I’m sure getting home will feel a little strange.


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