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May 2009

Last week was the Sydney Writer’s Festival, so I thought I’d get cultured and head off to some of the events. The first thing I went to was a speech by Germaine Greer. I really wanted to people watch, to see some true 1970s bra-burning feminists, but it wasn’t like that at all. She focused on the politics of Australia in Britain, in really ‘lay-man’ terms, so it was pretty interesting! She’s definitely opinionated but has changed topics. Someone tried to bring up a feminist issue of female Prime Ministers and she completely brushed it off...that fight is clearly done for her.

The next event I trotted off to was a speech by author Kate Grenville. It was at the Observatory, so the event was coupled with champagne and nibbles as we saw an art exhibiton, and then a tour of the observatory. It was a cloudy night unfortunately but we did see some stuff! (Some of it may have included the Luna Park mask and the Harbour Bridge but hey!).


I just went out for dinner, and this super full feeling reminded me that I never wrote about my amazing meal extravaganza I had on mid semester break! My parents and I ventured to The Grampians National Park in Victoria. I’d never actually heard of it, but it’s a beautiful mountainous valley essentially that springs up in the middle of nowhere! There’s some amazing Aboriginal art there, that dates back 39 THOUSAND years and is so well preserved! Even though I major in Archaeology getting your head around those numbers doesn’t really happen!

We tried ‘bush tucker’ when we were there: emu, kangaroo, crocodile, yabbie, scallops and more. But the amazing meal was a 10 course one at a three hat restaurant! Hats are used to rate the top restaurants in Australia, with four being the highest achievement, so the food was fantastic! They were all obviously small courses (thankfully! otherwise ‘hello obesity!’), and were accompanied by matching wines. So so good! I really do think I was full for about four days though!


I’ve just finished a month with the ABC on an internship with Triple J Television. It was great, but hard work! The team for “Hack”, a youth current affairs show is only 2 the intern . There’s a week to find, research, shoot, edit and get a story to air. Although often quite stressful and rushed, this was a great way for me to have to learn every part of the process of making a current affairs program.

My favourite part was going out shooting. We got to interview fashion magazine editors, rugby league players, doctors, government officials, academics, shop assistants and various other people. We also got to film just background shots of various ideas, so got to go to NRL matches, fashion exhibitions, shops, and so on! This meant every shoot was completely different, and the variety was great! Getting out of the office was also a good thing!

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I’ve just finished a month working full-time at SBS for my media internship. As part of the Media and Communications degree we have to do 20 days work placement, in any area of media you want really, and I was lucky enough to get SBS. The internship was one of the main reasons I chose Sydney uni’s course over other unis, because I felt like there was a chance to really test out what my future career could be like, and (fingers crossed!) make some connections.

The internship was great! I learnt so much! BUT the full-time thing was definitely a shock to the system! The show I was working on was ‘Dateline’, an international current affairs program. It’s kind of the bee’s knees of journalism so I was super excited to get it (and admittedly when starting, terrified!!!).

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