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August 2009


30 Aug


Yes! It’s that time of year to get out and watch your fellow uni students make you laugh! It’s amazing to see the talent they have and you can well and truly make a fun night out of it! I went to law revue last week, and giggled intensely at skits which paid out 20 to 1, Kevin Rudd, Poolside pornographies, Kermit the Frog and much much more!



This is one of my favourite times of the year on campus. Why? The Verge Arts Festival, that's why.

Verge is the University of Sydney Union’s annual arts festival held in the first two weeks of September. Initiated by the University of Sydney Union and now in its eighth successive year, the festival brings hundreds of artists, thousands of students and millions of ideas together to showcase a diverse range of music, visual art, stage, film, and discussion. Verge seeks to unite the university’s numerous cultural and artistic groups, and foster bonds of creative collaboration.


Everybody ready!
Sydney Uni is going Live! This Saturday 29th August.
Everyone is coming out to play,
Join in for the action!
(Don’t forget your sunscreen)
Sydney Uni Live.jpg


wine tasting.jpg

A whole group of us just went up to the Hunter Valley for a wine tasting extravaganza. The premise of the trip was to go to a town called Greta, for a friend’s 21st, whose name just happens to be, you guessed it, Greta!

We took a horse and carriage wine tasting tour to sample different wines. It wasn’t until 5pm and the 5th winery that we learnt our entire wine etiquette was totally wrong!!! The guy at the winery was so patient and talked us through all we needed to know if we ever wanted to look like we had any idea about wine – we thought we were already doing this, but apparently no!!! I thought I would share this knowledge, so you don’t look like wanna-be-wine-buffs, but the real thing!


Choosing units of study is hard!! Being in my final semester of uni, I’ve already completed my two majors, but to fill up the 192 credit points which make up my degree, I have to do one more subject this semester. For a year I’ve been umming and ahhing about what I’d do. I’m actually super glad that we have time to test put a few subjects before the census date – otherwise I would’ve been in trouble! It took me to week three to finally find one!

So, I’ve got my core media subjects, I’ve got my final Archaeology and Film Studies subjects, so what do I do now?! I could essentially pick any subject I wanted from the whole uni, so why was it so hard finding one?



The nation’s capital has a pretty bad rap, we’ll admit that, but it can actually be really fun! I’ve been down there twice recently: one just as a day trip and the other time for the weekend...and only went to one museum!

So, here are some things to do in Canberra to spend your day:


For the last 6 weeks I’ve been playing tour guide for friends from exchange: I had two girlfriends visit from Melbourne and England, and my boyfriend from Denmark. It was really fun to play tourist in my own city and country, so I thought I would spend the next few blogs writing about a few places I went to, to give some holiday ideas for day trips or more lengthy ones (at a cheap price). Enjoy!

I thought I’d start with Sydney, so here are a few weekend, weekday, and night activities to make this place seem even better! I’ve tried to pick some not so famous ones to be a bit original – it’s more fun for the locals that way too! Hehe.


Last year, the real question on everybody's lips was whether to embrace the turtleback or go for an off the shoulder bag / tote. The ultimate showdown of 2009 looks instead at merits of taking paper or a laptop to class.


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