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November 2009

Well, the midterm exams were harsh...

Probably due to the fact that i'm in Canada and am distracted by things that seem so cool, but are completely mundane to the average Quebecois. Like squirrels, for example, I can't get enough of them! They're so quick and they're everywhere, even on the power lines.

I did manage to get some study in, and was happy with most of my grades, particularly because of the novelty of getting an 'A-' or a 'B+', so much cooler than the credit/distinction labels. Although I don't like that an A- is better than a B+, I mean no one wants a minus.

The exam period also meant that I got to sample large quantities of Quebec's finest (well actually cheapest) coffee. Which by the way is extremely cheap, but horrendous. Probably tastes more like dirt and burnt hair than coffee. But hey, you cant say no to half a litre for $1.29 when your staring down the barrel of an all-nighter.



I am in the middle of take home exam hell... so much to write, so much to read, so many cans of V in the near future. So why have I decided to take the time out to jot a quick blog?

I am putting on a brave face for the crowds

Well, everyone and anyone who knows what I'm like (and I'm sure you, dear reader, know what I am like if you have read my "study skills" post...) - one word: procrastinatory. Except this time I thought I would share a couple of things that I like to do / websites I like to browse while procrastinating.

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It’s been an incredible week as I wrap up “Oliver the Musical!” – (arguably) the most epic musical ever!
With a cast of 138 performers (ranging from age 4 to 60+)
PLUS a full orchestra of 35
PLUS a stage crew of 15
PLUS a front of house team of 10
PLUS a production team of 20
Furthermore, there was a ten metre bridge spanning the stage
Our lead boy, Zac Collin-widders was the first indigenous Australian to play the role of Oliver
and 100% of the proceeds from the show went towards supporting Indigenous education charity “Yalari”.
It was a musical production like no other.
york theatre packed!.jpg

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As part of my final year research thesis, I’m joining up with NGO “Engineers Without Borders” to find some creative solutions to third world sanitation. With over 1/3 of the world without adequate safe sanitation, I think it is shame that the human race has gone to the moon and back but we can’t figure out a way to safely get rid of our poo.

My thesis will mainly focus on sanitation solutions for floating villages in Cambodia.
floating house.jpg


With my first batch of midterms over the week before Halloween, I decided to celebrate the brief breathing time by beginning Halloween celebrations early. Yep, the movies are pretty accurate – Halloween is HUGE in America. There are countless stores entirely devoted to selling Halloween costumes and accessories (I’m not really sure what they do for the remaining 11 months of the year), and as early as the start of October, businesses had started scrambling to make most of the festive (ie. money-spending) mood of American society ... myself included.

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Sydney University has over 200 clubs and societies!
On the 14th October, there was a glamourous awards night to find out who had the best events, who had the best poster, the best t-shirt, who is the best club!

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