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April 2010

At university, there are generally two main learning styles – lectures and tutorials (others include labs, workshops, demonstrations, field trips)

Lectures = big room up to 500 people; the lecturer talks at you for an hour. or two.
Tutorials = small classroom, about 20 people, discuss questions, do examples, solve specific problems – similar to high school.

As I am now in final year, I applied and was successful in getting employed as a tutor for a first year engineering subject. While I am teaching I occasionally like to release abit of my inner punny comedic personality.

Here is an example to prove my tutoring-awesomeness.


We are now post mid semester break, and I’ve noticed that the ‘Yay! I can feel my mind working, I love learning new things!’ has turned into: ‘This is giving me a headache.’ This may be brought on by the realisation that I have to actually do work to pass. The next few weeks are chock full for assignments. As I’m writing this, I’m actually sitting in the Sci-Tech Library. It’s loud. I came here to write an essay and am beginning to realise that I may be one of the very few people actually trying to do work here.


So today's the due date for responses and submissions to the Green Paper. Huh? You say. Green Paper? What's that? Read on to find out!

Green Paper

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Well the day came. The big day of bells ringing, tassels swinging and hats flinging – GRADUATION!! As I walked into Holme to collect my academic clothing for graduation I found myself double-taking at my fellow media co-horts –they were hardly recognisable, looking all grown up in their attire to mark the final thing we’d experience together as a group. I was presented with my real fur stole and my hat and dressed, ready for the ceremony.

graduation toss paint.PNG

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So, seeing as I am in Europe, and so much closer to things than back at home, I decided to just pop over to Russia for Easter! I went with a couple of girls from my last biochem course on an organised trip to Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Moscow. The trip was absolutely amazing!!!!

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I can’t believe it … another quarter at UCLA already complete! Winter quarter was full of novelties, not least of which was the realisation that three consecutive days of non-stop rain is possible even in Los Angeles. The end of this quarter not only proclaimed the return of scorching weather (not that it ever got very cold here), but marked the 2/3 point of my exchange at UCLA. Luckily, I had a busy Spring break to preoccupy my mind from the looming end to my awesome time in California!


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