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Mondays, for most people, are absolutely horrific. This day usually involves minimal to no breaks, running from one side of campus to the other in the tiny ten minute gap we have (if the lecture hasn’t run late) and attempting to retain concentration after seven hours worth of information has been shoved into your brain. This is not what Mondays are like for me.

I arrive at uni a comfortable 11:30 and casually walk to my English lecture. After that I have my English tutorial. Then a gap. Lovely right? NOT SO.

My gap lasts THREE HORRIFICALLY LONG hours. This would be fine, were I not completely alone. As most other people have the horrible Monday I described above, I am isolated completely from the few friends I have made. Three hours. It’s not long enough to go home, too long for me to concentrate for the whole time. Admittedly it has been quite useful when an assignment is approaching, but the isolation does get to me when there is minimal work to do. Having no friends in this gap does send me into a little depression on bad days, and the weather doesn’t help. But certain days come with little pick-me-ups.

In an attempt to shelter from winter’s recent arrival at our lovely campus, I found myself stumble into an area I’ve walked past countless times, but never really realised how pleasant it is. Discovering new places is a perk of uni I will never get tired of. Besides maybe college kids, I know there will always be new places to come across around uni that no-one knows about. (Speaking of College kids, I saw someone walking around in pyjama pants. PYJAMA PANTS. Like with Elmo on them.)

Today I got a simple potato and leek soup for lunch, served in a large coffee cup. (By the way, how ingenious! Soup in a coffee cup – insulating AND convenient!) I wandered around for a while looking for a nice place to sit, alone. I stumble through a promising looking door in the Holme building and find myself in a small hallway with arches looking out onto grassy courtyards and large tables, perfect for spreading out. I was ecstatic.

I sit; I sip my soup and make myself comfortable. It’s even nice enough to pull out some study and I leisurely do exercises for Modern Greek. Suddenly I hear a loud voice in an old English accent saying, “Thou King doth be upset…” or something along those lines. After a little more eavesdropping, and few inconspicuous peeks through the bushes, I concluded that there were a few groups of people reciting Shakespeare right next to me. Losing interest in my study, I listened, both entertained and amused. Hearing Shakespeare being recited while having lunch is truly a priceless uni moment. It made my day that little bit better and using this newfound optimism, I was able to find a friend and pass the time of my break wonderfully.

The next place I am determined to find is a place that’s sheltered from the new winter weather that’s swept in, a place you can eat, sit comfortably and study. The middle floor of Manning comes close, but the lack of seats is a problem and the noise is too distracting.

If I can find this place, or if this place even exists, I will live there for the rest of my uni life. Even when alone on campus, little things can make you feel better and inject a little brightness into these increasingly cold days.


(P.s. I saw some entertaining graffiti again – The lyrics to Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, each line written by a different person on a bathroom wall. Just an example of the things that can make you smile.)


Have a good week and never panic!

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