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Birthdays 019.jpg

As you may have noticed, it has been raining. As you also may have noticed, it’s that horrific time of the semester where exams seem to be rushing towards us faster than an incoming train. But you didn’t need me to tell you that.

It feels like the end of a massive year, even though it’s only the end of semester. I’m almost officially HALFWAY THROUGH first year. This is a scary thought. I know you don’t want to hear anything more about exams, and right about now is the time that I go into denial that they even exist. “It’s going to be holidays soon!” I wistfully think as time slips through my fingers. This time could be spent studying…but it isn’t. Classes have only just finished and there’s a whole two weeks of nothing before my first exam (Sorry, I meant studying).

With a bit of encouragement, (pushing and threats) I decided it would be a good idea to check out where these things called exams will actually be held. This was a necessary precaution against the otherwise sure panicked rushing around uni that would have taken place if I didn’t find these places beforehand. (Come on, you can just see this happening, right?)

I mentioned before, it has been raining. Sure it’s been on and off; there have even been patches of blue here and there… but of course, it’s when I need to do something that involves walking around outside, that the clouds open their floodgates. I had a functioning umbrella. That is the only consolation.

I’m an arts student. Tell me something: Who the hell thought it was a good idea to put an arts subject exam in the Electrical Engineering building? I was venturing into unknown territory here. The only green I saw was painted on the walls. Everything was concrete. But I hadn’t been here before! It was time to explore. Okay, well obviously we got a bit lost. We found our way out eventually, don’t worry, but apart from stumbling across the exam room, it was quite uneventful. Now it was time to find the OTHER exam room. Joy.

Well, it is on the OTHER SIDE of campus. Of course.

From the man made, bordering on industrial, build environment of the Engineering buildings, I found myself near the ovals and colleges, surrounded by trees and squelching through mud. I realised then that the fact that my feet may as well have been submerged in water meant that I needed new boots. My shoes were leaking and slowly filling up with water. I had a valid fear that I may either get frostbite or athlete’s foot. The rain was now coming at us sideways, and the dripping of the many trees meant that it was coming from above us as well. Despite this I DID NOT resign myself to getting wet. I would find this exam room and I would do it with my hair intact. (too late)

We finally found it, not without encountering a dog and getting much wetter, but I know where it is now and I vow not to get lost come exam time.


Really atmospheric image there. Loving the light on the sandstone and the billowing darkness of the clouds.

great place, thanks for sharing her story...

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