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Getting ready for uni is both a delicate balance and an all out battle between being comfortable and looking relatively presentable. In this horrific cold, comfort is starting to take precedence over looking good. (That and the fact that not being warm may result in frostbite.)

On these days, the wind takes care of the state of your hair – so there is no need to do anything with it in the morning. Just wake up and go! What a time saver!

A big poofy jacket, (preferably a hoodie) suitable for the snow, keeps the cold out and whatever the wind and rain may throw at you. Tights as pants, which may have been an option for comfort in summer are no longer suitable. Thankfully here, good old jeans are the best option.

However, what may seem as the most irrelevant detail of an outfit comes to be the most important. Shoes. Footwear. The ultimate test of whether an outfit can be deemed presentable or put into the terrible “Daggy” category. Normal flats are a no no. They leak, hurt, rub and provide no warmth whatsoever. Anyone who thinks Ugg boots are plausible footwear outside the house even in relatively good weather is alien to me. Sure ‘They’re warm’, you say, but are they warm when they are soaked through? No. ‘But they’re so comfortable!’ I hear you retort. Are they really comfortable when you have to half jog/walk from Redfern to Wallace? I think not. So we are agreed, ugg boots are a no at the best of times.

Two, real winter options do remain though, and both belong to the respective categories of Presentable and Daggy. Boots and sneakers. Boots. They look good, are warm, and if they’re not broken or have holes in them, they keep your feet dry. Sneakers. They are comfy. They are good for rushing, and they don’t get horrifically wet.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, my boots DID have holes in them. They were relatively broken, but fine for dry freezing weather. Wet freezing weather? No. So I went with the old, high school P.E. sneakers. (This was to compensate for a 6am start and 8 hours of work in front of me, before I even arrived at uni.)

Why is it, that when you least want to run into anyone looking like a dag, you ultimately do? Looking good, there is NO-ONE around. But wearing sneakers, jeans, multiple childhood jumpers knitted by nana, a poofy jacket, indescribable hair and not a smudge of makeup with an inconvenient pimple in the middle of your forehead, you see an old friend.

I try to sink into a corner, avoiding eye contact, but being the friendly person he is, he ambles over and greets me. I smile with my squinty tired eyes and clear the seat next to me. I vainly and uselessly try to smooth down my unruly hair and take off the warm but ugly jacket in an effort to improve my appearance at least a little.

Of course there was no verbal acknowledgement to my terrible attire, and he probably didn’t care in the least, but my dag was like a fog surrounding me. A barrier against any easy, calm, pleasant human contact.

It was great to hear from him despite my rank appearance. Now I figure, there just has to be a balance between daggy comfiness and caring about my looks (or whatever gets me to uni on time.)

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