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Halloween: what a strange tradition. Although I’m told there is some kind of Irish origin to this very American celebration, I’m pretty sure that any historical continuity has been lost. With malls brimming for months before the night with tacky costumes, and little brats running door to door in an orgy of candy, it’s hard to find any merit to the whole affair.

That is, of course, until someone asks you what you’re planning on wearing, and the mind suddenly races with possibilities. What dress up as? Will you be Scary? Gruesome? Tasteless? Cute? How about just plain old skimpy? (a perennial college favourite) Soon I’d forgotten everything I’d decided that I didn’t like about Halloween, and was counting down the days to the big night. Not even a bout of sinusitis was enough to stop Steve Irwin from making his way to the Chapel Hill festivities, when Franklin Street is closed to allow thousands of revellers to take a turn up and down the street, ogling the other costumes on show.


Steve Irwin made a show at Halloween. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that he often makes it to Franklin street on the big night


hahah this is an awsome outfit!

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