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My year abroad has finally finished up, and much too soon as far as I am concerned =(

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute that I got to spend overseas, and I will definitely remember the experience for the rest of my life. It is just over 12 months to the day that I flew out of Sydney, and I can hardly believe how quickly the time passed. My final weeks in Sweden were stressful and filled with very mixed feelings. Escaping early from another freezing Swedish winter goes on my positives list! It was -20-something degrees C when I left Uppsala and about +30 degrees C when I arrived home. Brilliant!! Swedes tell me that I witnessed (part of) two of the longest and coldest winters (2009-2010, 2010-2011 winters), but I’m not sure that they are not just very forgetful, or truly surprised each time the snow turns up each winter!! While I absolutely adored Sweden, I don’t think that I could ever live there permanently, because I like going outside too much! I like bare feet. I like the sun rising before 10 am. I like not being concerned that my fingers and toes are going to get frostbite!

It has been great seeing friends and family back home, but disappointing that every time somebody asks “so how was it?” I can only respond “great!! Amazing!!”, how can I possible sum-up such an awesome year away, full of all its ups and downs, surprises, challenges, revelations and fun?!

I already miss the friends I made in Uppsala incredibly. It is hard to believe that we are so far apart now (the internet is amazing...what would I do without it?). The culture, and especially the (almost) isolated world of students in Uppsala, was really something special. I’m only realising now how large Sydney is! It is a massive city, and I am not looking forward to going back to travelling hours everyday. One of my favourite things about Uppsala was that I could just ride Prince Herbert (my bike) anywhere I wanted to go. I could wake up about 20 minutes before class....absolute bliss!! Also, I am going to miss baking sweets every weekend for fika (coffee and cake sitting) at V-Dala (the nation where I worked). I can’t wait to get started with bake-sales for Science Revue again – that will take the edge off my baking craving!

I am looking forward to completing my degree at USYD this year and commencing Honours in July. But, who knows, maybe in the future I will get the chance to head back overseas? Anyway, for now it is good to be home...Aussie, aussie, aussie...Oi, oi, oi!

Signing off,

Scandinavian explorer =D


Welcome back Aussie. Oi oi oi. Sweeden is such a lovely place, you make me feel like going back. I also studied near Sweeden, however, was glad to get back near the end of it all. Like you I'll never forget it.

At last, smooene comes up with the "right" answer!

Lol, yeah, thats the question that I usually have to hear when I go back to my home country. How was it? And usual answer Great! Amazing! . :)

Good read!

Hoping to get a post-grad scholarship placement at USyd next year in Physics. I'm thinking about a year in Europe as part of the program on offer. Thanks for the post!

Yeah, I like the international exchange programs the USYD provides. I'm still in my first year, but am really looking forward to these programs.
Anyways that's a good journey you've had there, good luck with the rest of your studies, and don't forget to keep writing online about it.

You just made me google where Uppsala was :)

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