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I’ve been an avid viewer of TED online since a high school teacher introduced me a few years ago. Since then I’ve spent countless hours watching videos on all sorts of topics and being amazed by the ideas I’ve heard, and have done my best to spread the ideas to anyone who’ll listen. So when I heard that I’d won a double pass to TEDxSydney I was quite excited to say the least.

Being at a TED event is an experience completely different to sitting at home watching videos, and I’m truly honored to of had the chance to go. To be perfectly honest I think that had I been at home I would never have listened to a talk on weeds, or training bees, or quantum computing, but these were the topics of some of the most fascinating talks I heard throughout the day. I think that is the magic of TED, it spreads the passion and intellect of amazing speakers to people whom otherwise would have never heard their ideas. Mixed with the amazing musicians who played and the diverse crowd of people who were there it was truly an engaging and enriching day that has left me excited to spread the ideas I’ve heard, and even left me with some infant ideas of my own.

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