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TEDxSydney 2012 featured a line-up of passionate speakers, musicians and – of course – who can forget Sam Simmons's comedic exploration of the importance of incorporating some ‘silliness’ into our lives.

This year’s TEDx had a unifying theme of being connected to those in Sydney, those living near us, those who are similar and different than us, members of the global community and finally to the universe. Of the many memorable talks, I particularly enjoyed listening to Mandyam Srinivasan talk about his research into the cognitive functions of bees, and the exciting new prospect of monitoring physiological responses in bees to determine if they feel joy, fear, anxiety and love.

Kate Burridge's talk on euphemisms had the audience (or at least me) think of the way we talk, and how we choose our words. Satsuki Odamura and The Sydney Koto Ensemble’s performance was mesmerising, and left me wanting to hear more. And having moved to Sydney only a couple of months ago, I was introduced to Katie Noonan’s musical genius by a jazz enthusiast, and was delighted to be able to watch her live and sing along with the TEDxSydney audience.

If I took anything away from TEDxSydney, it was that an idea combined with the passion to pursue a question will inevitability result in a change. Whether the change is small or big, it’s often worth it.

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