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Got ideas that could improve your courses or faculty? Ever wondered, 'why is it like this?' or 'did they even think of the students when they came up with that?' – well that’s exactly what being a faculty board student rep is about!

Being a rep for your faculty is an opportunity to get involved in the inner workings of the uni and help the student perspective be heard; you’re the link between decision makers and students, and students are the reason the university exists. Being a student rep will add depth to your uni experience and set you apart from your peers when potential employers are looking through hundreds of CVs. And it isn't going to take hours of your time, you don't need to make big speeches in front of the staff, and you don't need to already know how everything works!

During my year as student rep I've been working to improve the orientation for new reps, so they can make the most of their role and feel more confident in it. I've gained valuable insight into how the faculty works, and I've been able to bring student issues to the attention of the faculty and University board, such as informing and rallying the students to voice their concerns about the effects of possible staff cuts. If you’re looking for an opportunity to stand out, this is it!

For more information, visit the elections website. To nominate, contact the administration office of your school or faculty.


Nice post, love it so much. can't wait for the next...! thanks for sharing.

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