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WOW. I’m now in the Olympic Village, a city within a city, housing 15,000 athletes of all shapes and sizes from all over the world. I arrived on the 17 July, straight from the USA where I won 3 Gold medals in the Junior World Championships. After humid 35 degree days, I must admit that the cooler drizzle in London was a nice change. Having said that, the cold lasted a little too long for my liking!

The first day in the village I felt like a little kid exploring Disneyland; walking through the streets looking up at all the different flags, pointing out different people, taking photos of everything! The Australian apartments were hard to miss, decked out with flags and green and gold banners spelling out 'Australia'. Being a team of over 700 people, including officials, we need quite a bit of space!

Our apartment is fantastic. We're on the 8th floor and have a beautiful view of the Olympic stadium and greenery around the village. Latvia and Sweden are opposite us and from my room I can also see the Russian base.

After settling in we headed to the uniform distribution centre, where I received two suitcases full of clothes! There is a lot of gear - all of it green or yellow or white. We also got fitted out for our Opening ceremony uniform which was exciting.

Next stop was the food hall. I was pretty hungry by this stage and extremely excited to check out this enormous dining hall the size of 4 football fields, with all types of food and of course.... a 24 hour McDonald’s. Apart from daily coffee, I am not going there until after my race! After about a week in the village, I’ve mastered the technique in the food hall. You need to do a quick lap around (which takes you about 10 minutes by the time you get to the other end!) to check out what food is on offer that day. You’ve got the choice of Asian, Indian, African, Mediterranean, British and Halal so you have to choose carefully so not to end up with ten plates of food! It’s quite entertaining in the food hall and it’s easy to lose track of time because you meet new athletes, play iSpy for the famous people (I saw Michael Phelps yesterday) and generally spend a lot of time observing!

The Australians are located in a great spot that is central to all the main sites like the transport mall, food hall, gym, and games room. Yes, there is also a games room equipped with pool tables, foosball, wii, playstation, xbox, live music, internet and other forms of entertainment. There is also a village plaza with a general store, Olympic shop, and a free beauty salon where I’ve gone to get my hair cut and manicure! On top of all this, the village is right next door to a 3 storey Westfield shopping centre and the tube station. Perfect location! So luckily for me, I finish in the first week of the Olympics and can enjoy everything there is on offer in the village after my event!

The initial novelty has worn off and I’m enjoying settling down and getting into a routine. This is the first time i’ve stayed in the one place for more than a week over the last 2 months, so it’s great to call this place home for the next 3 weeks.

Training has been going well. Only a few more sessions to go and 2 days till the Opening ceremony! To say I’m excited is an understatement!

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