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The start of semester two means lots of things for many people; for some, it’s getting out of bed for the first time in a month, for others it’s hurriedly organising textbooks and timetables, and for an unlucky few it’s just the next day after Winter School. For me, it marks the start of Revue Season. Revues have a longstanding tradition at this University. They’re stage shows compromising of a series of comedy sketches, songs, and videos that satirise topical issues, poke fun at campus life and find the hilarious in the mundane, all with a sprinkling of the absurd for good measure. They’ve been going since the 30’s with different faculties putting together their own shows and performing them in the Seymour Centre. This year, I’m lucky enough to be in the Arts Revue, which is titled “Artsmageddon.” The overarching apocalyptic theme is inspired by the oft-derided Mayan belief that the world will end on December 21 of 2012 and it humorously deals with this ‘issue’ and its many implications in witty ways.

So far I’ve endured the pain of the audition process and the first few awkward rehearsals where everyone is too self-conscious to speak for fear of being deemed unfunny straight off the bat. Initially, I thought that the producers would write the show, and that all I would have to do is somehow deliver their lines in a funny and ingenious way. The show however is completely self-devised. This is both exciting and terrifying! For weeks we each proposed ideas for songs and sketches and then worked in groups to flesh them out. We are currently at the stage of having selected our final sketches and are in the process of rehearsing and refining each. As the performance approaches and the ticket selling and fundraising steps up a notch, I am met with the wonderful mix of intense fear and excitement as to what is to come. If you want to come and see the Arts Revue, ticket information can be found here.

More more information about Revue Season, visit the USU website.

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